Amy Landisman
I'm a mom of three sweet, beautiful and often bossy little girls. I've been a writer since the third grade, when I attempted to write my first novel. 30 years later and I'm still working on that, but I don't have a problem finishing tasks. Not at all.
 I'm a co-founder of the green living blog  PeachyGreen. I currently maintain a blog about New Daily Persistent Headache,  a chronic headache condition that I was diagnosed with 5 years ago.  I'm a knitter, a poor example of a vegetarian (my carnivorous family and their bacon flaunting habits are to blame, not my lack of control), and an equestrian. A native New Yorker, I've been a Brookfield resident for  7 years. I'm still adjusting to the Brookfield wild life. I'm not yet accustomed to the enormous spiders in my basement,  coyotes wandering through my back yard, woodpeckers pecking at the siding and deer peering in at me at 3 AM.   Catch up with me on Twitter. I'm @AmyJanie
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