President Roth Addresses Wes Parents on Arrival Day

As the 756 students of Wesleyan University's Class of 2016 settled into their new home for the next four years, Michael Roth told their parents the next phase in their lives had begun.


President Michael Roth spoke to parents of incoming freshman on Arrival Day 2012 in Memorial Chapel recently.

Roth, clearly at ease in front of a large group, readied the parents for the next phase in their children's lives.

"You don't learn if you don't fall on your face. Our job is to make sure they get up ready to go, but our job is not to prevent them from stumbling because you don't learn if you don't stumble," Roth said.

He said each one of the Class of 2016 will graduate "equipped with a pragmatic liberal arts education" that will set them up for a lifetime of continued learning.

"We want our student to test their ideas to see if they've gotten better at what they love to do by sharing it with other people. ... We want our students to be unafraid of testing their intelligence and creativity against the problems of our neighborhoods, towns, states and country."

See photos of Arrival Weekend here. Read the blog entry, 756 Students Join the Class of 2016 on Arrival Day, here.


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