Wesleyan Students Move Out -- And On

The WesWire talks to students reflecting on their experience at the school this past year.

As the sunshine has warmed these past few weeks, summer has begun for Wesleyan students. A couple of weeks ago, most students packed up their belongings into boxes and cars and headed to their respective homes.

Despite a memorable year, Derek Collins, Class of  ’14, told Patch that “moving out, I was excited.  I’m ready to be home to see my friends and enjoy the summer again.”

Ellis Darby, ’14, chimed in with a different opinion.

“Move out day was tough … and not only because of the difficulty packing. I have made so many great friends from all over in my short time at Wes and I will really miss them this summer.” 

Jake Smith, ’14, added, “I will miss my friends sorely for three months, but I know that the next three years with them will be even better.”

Wes students will undoubtedly carry over their active lifestyles to their summer time. Richie Starzec, ’14, told Patch, “I have an interview set up with the Illinois Film Office … I hope that I’ll be able to work there this summer,” while Emma Vasta-Kuby, ’14, is “planning on working as a camp counselor at the YMCA in my neighborhood and I am working at Planned Parenthood, standing on the street and educating people about the organization.”

Meanwhile, the Class of 2011 completed their memorable time at Wesleyan and received their diplomas two weekends ago.  The weekend featured many receptions, reunions,and speakers.  Of note, this included a talk with noted film director Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, Transformers), who was celebrating his 30th reunion as a part of the Class of 1981.

At this 179th commencement in Wesleyan’s history, Dr. Paul Farmer addressed the graduates as the main speaker. Farmer, founder of Partners in Health, a global non-profit dedicated to supporting the impoverished sick in the world community, told the grads to “keep the habits of critical analysis you’ve learned at Wesleyan … but by critical I don’t mean you should be contrarian.  By being critical I mean taking an extra moment to interrogate accepted wisdom.”

“The ceremony was great.  I am definitely going to miss so many parts of this place but I am also looking forward to moving on in my life," fresh grad Aaron Stern said. "I look forward to coming back and visiting in the future.”


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