Nicolas Jaar Guests at Wes Spring Fling [VIDEO]

Rain may have pushed the end-of-year music fest indoors but the skating rink's dark club vibe was a perfect match for the young electronica composer's ambient, dubstep fusion.


The threat of rain forced ’s spring fling indoors this year to the athletic center skating rink — a radical departure from last year’s warm and sunny Foss Hill party — but that didn’t seem to faze students gathered in the nearly pitch blackness of the bleachers.

First up was the student band Peace Museum who drew a moderate number of students, most of whom filed out at the conclusion.

Nicolas Jaar, 22-year-old Brown University student and electronica dance music composer took the stage next with a guitarist. The earlier part of his set was mostly downtempo pieces but the pace picked up toward the end into a more frenzied, danceable traditional house music beat.

Chairlift, Mimosa and headliner Southern rapper Big KRIT followed later in the day.

Outside on Fountain Avenue a decidedly brighter, vibrant and more energetic crowd gathered for music, dancing on the grass, beer bonging and presumably volleyball/badmitton as a net of sorts was set up with the aid of yellow caution tape — although nothing remotely athletic was taking place other than the tossing of a football or Frisbee.



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