BOE Passes Amended Budget, WWMS Principal Resigns

Citing an impossibly long commute, Dr. Charles Marqua told Board members Tuesday night he was interviewing for positions in schools closer to home.

Woodrow Wilson Middle School Principal Dr. Charles Marqua stepped down at Tuesday’s Board of Education Meeting, citing long daily commutes from his home in Stratford. Marqua, who took over for 38-year principal Dr. Gene Nocera at the beginning of the school year, will be replaced by an interim principal, according to Superintendent of Schools Michael Frechette.

Marqua said his commute, which has been as long as three hours, is affecting his well-being, according to the Middletown Press.

In other news, Corrine Gill resigned as chair of the communications committee, the 2011-2012 school calendar eliminates February vacation, the Board approved its amended annual budget, and the average elementary class size will increase due to the loss of 10 teaching positions district wide, the Middletown Eye reports.


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