Teen: Cromwell Veterans Day Ceremony a Learning Experience

Middletown High School student Billy Prevatte says speaking with veteran Terry Crescimano made him proud of those serving in the armed forces.


To the Editor:

On Sunday morning at Cromwell Town Hall, a celebration took place to honor the veterans who fought for our country and for world peace. 

I interviewed Mr. Terry Crescimano, a veteran who was in the service for a total of five years. He drove a type of Navy plane called an Orion. He also told me there were three main jobs that he performed: tracking submarines, checking on surface ships, and search and rescue.

I asked Mr. Crescimano what it was like to be in the service, and he said, "it felt like it was my duty to help the country.''

Among the people who attended were State Rep. Christie Carpino, R-32nd, and First Selectman Mertie Terry.

I want to take the the veterans for the service and welcome them home.

Thank You

Journalist Billy Prevatte, Middletown High School Junior


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