State Rep. Seeks Creation of ATV Trails in CT

State Rep. Anthony D'Amelio has proposed two bills that he says deal with the fact that no legal ATV trails exist in Connecticut.


Ten years ago, State Rep. Anthony D'Amelio, (R-74th District), bought two all-terrain vehicles for himself and his son. But in order to legally ride them, they had to go to Massachusetts.  

"There are no legal ATV trails in the state of Connecticut," he said. "We were forced to register our ATVs in Massachusetts because there's lots of trails there, but you have to register."

Eventually, D'Amelio, who represents Middlebury and Waterbury in the Connecticut House of Representatives, bought dirt bikes.

"It was too hard to go to Massachusetts whenever we wanted to ride," he said. "There are a lot of trails in Connecticut for dirt bikes, but not ATVs.

D'Amelio recently introduced two bills to the Connecticut General Assembly:

On Jan. 10, the bills were referred to the Joint Committee on Environment. Both proposed bills are attached to this article as PDFs.

This isn't the first time D'Amelio proposed bills pertaining to ATVs in Connecticut. He said in the past, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection didn't support the bill due to not having the funds to maintain the trails.

"That's where the registration comes in," he said.

Requiring Connecticut residents to register their ATVs for $30 means those fees can go toward trail maintenance, said D'Amelio. Trails already exist in the state that could be suitable for ATV-riding, he said.

'It's high time the state of Connecticut recognizes that a lot of ATVs out there are driven illegally because there's no legal place to drive them," he said. "I'd like to stop that."

lorraine riess February 20, 2013 at 02:17 PM
Do we really want the noise and pollution of ATV's disturbing the environment?
billy tha kid February 22, 2013 at 05:56 PM
Riding ATV's, snowmobiles or dirt bikes is not excersive, ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!! You have obviously never ridden any of these, or at least not aggressively because you would realize how very wrong you are. Motocross is one of the hardest sports in the world. If CT would open a few of the state parks for ATV's and Ditbikes to ride and charge us , even if it was $100 for registation instead of $30. It would pay for trail maintence and DEP officer's to patrol the trails easily. Im pretty sure we riders wouldn't mind paying to have a LEGAL, SAFE PLACE TO RIDE. As far as noise and pollution, a properly equipped ATV or dirtbike with an exhaust system will be queit and it will pollute FAR LESS than your Automobile that you drive all over the place Lorraine. Disturb the enviroment? Please!... the house that you live in disturbed the enviroment FAR MORE than me riding through the forest on my Dirtbike or ATV. Should we ban houses too? We should so you Enviromental wacko's have to live in the woods and live off the land like so many of you preech (but dont actually do)
Observor February 22, 2013 at 09:10 PM
"Motocross is one of the hardest sports in the world." So why do so many of those "athletes" smoke cigarettes? "If CT would open a few of the state parks for ATV's and Ditbikes to ride and charge us , even if it was $100 for registation instead of $30. It would pay for trail maintence and DEP officer's to patrol the trails easily." Gee, a whole hundred dollars. I pay $57.00 to be able to go deer hunting on PRIVATE property for five weeks every year. You seriously think that $100.00 per vehicle is going to pay for the costs of the massive mudholes you will be creating for 52 weeks a year and pay a sufficient number of Conservation officers to patrol trails? You just want to do something you think is fun and cannot afford the land on which to do it so you want everyone else to pay for it. Pool your rersources and buy some property where you can ride to your heart's delight. Do you think the state should build a drag strip for people who like to do drag racing?
billy tha kid March 15, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Actually I do own 10+ acres that i ride on and a 3800 square ft house in CT so I can "afford" what I want thank you for assuming that you know me. Thats not the point, riding a dirtbike or ATV should be able to be enjoyed thru out the state for everyone not just on my land. "Do you think the state should build a drag strip for people who like to do drag racing?" YES ACTUALLY I DO!!!!!!!! or at least ALLOW someone to build one in CT!!!. LOL Ny, NJ, MA , PA and many other close states all have race tracks/drag strips,....but no not CT. "So why do many of the "althetes" smoke cigarette's"? ..... LOL!! ive never seen one PRO motocross rider smoke a cigeratte....they all work out constantly , have strict DIET plans of chicken/protein and veg, they DONT even eat fast food , let alone smoke!!.....SHOWS HOW LITTLE YOU KNOW OF THE SPORT. ROFL
billy tha kid March 22, 2013 at 03:20 PM
Bottom line is it would be nice to have a legal place to ride trails for ATV's and Dirtbikes in CT. if done properly it could be profitable for the state. If they regulate the time allowed to ride the trails (not 52 weeks a year) they would not get destroyed. Also people just need to be educated on how to ride in the woods and tread lightly via required saftey class's just like vermont has for snowmobiling. Although I find it funny that you "Observor" will kill an innocent Deer for "fun" , (i hope you at least eat it ) meanwhile your worried about the ground getting muddy/ destroyed from ATV's?????.....The ground will grow back and can be fixed , the Deer you killed can't.


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