Middletown, Cromwell to Offer Limited Number of Free Flu Vaccines

The two communities have partnered in response to the record number of cases of influenza infection in Connecticut and the shortage of vaccines reported by medical providers.


Middletown Mayor Daniel T. Drew and Cromwell First Selectwoman Myrtle Terry announced today that the two communities have partnered to purchase a limited supply of seasonal influenza vaccine available to residents of the two communities.

This cooperative venture is in response to the increased cases of the flu and the shortage of vaccine reported by medical providers and pharmacies. Vaccine will be available free of charge on a first-come first-serve basis to residents ages 4 years and older of Middletown and Cromwell at the Middletown  Health Department located at the Middletown Municipal Building, 245 deKoven Drive.

Residents are asked to call (860) 344-3474 for an appointment between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon and 2-4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Proof of residency will be required. 

“This is an example of a spirit of cooperation that has always existed between Cromwell and Middletown," said Cromwell First Selectman Terry. “Mayor Drew and I welcome this opportunity to work together and we appreciate the fact that we can offer this joint program that will benefit the residents of both communities. 

“We encourage our residents to get vaccinated as quickly as possible because this is a more severeflu season than we’ve seen in years past. We want people to stay healthy,” commented Mayor Drew. 

Dr. Joseph Havllcek, director of health for the City of Middletown, states we are experiencing the worse influenza season in the last

10 years. Havllcek also states he is monitoring student absences in all the schools to gage the prevalence of the flu in school age children.  Dr. Havilcek states there many things one can do to protect oneself from the flu virus.

  • Influenza vaccination: It is not too late to be vaccinated.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Avoid contact with ill people.
  • Cough or sneeze in the crook of your elbow or into a tissue to limit spread of the virus.

Flu like symptoms include fever, severe aches and pains in the joints and muscles and around the eyes, general weakness, with warm, flushed skin and red, watery eyes, headache, dry cough, sore throat and watery discharge from your nose. Dr. Havlicek advises to seek the treatment of a medical professional within 48 hours showing symptoms.

Please call the Middletown Health Department for vaccine availability at (860) 344-3474 or visit the City of Middletown website at www.cityofmiddletown.com.

Residents are also urged to contact their physicians’ offices or pharmacies for the availability of flu vaccines. Visit flushothealthmap.org for vaccine availability at local pharmacies.


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