Letter to the Editor: We Can Embrace the Common Values

Meriden City Councilor Danté Bartolomeo, a Democrat, is running for State Senate District 13 this November.


The 2012 elections are your opportunity to vote to protect the core values of the middle class. As a Democratic candidate for State Senator of the 13th District (Meriden, Cheshire, Middletown, Middlefield, and Rockfall), I believe that central to these values are the importance of supporting small business owners and job creation, protecting workers rights, ensuring access to quality healthcare, and providing a superior education for all children.  If you share these ideals as well, I am your candidate.         

Born and raised on a local farm, I’m a graduate of Mercy High School and Colby College, and made Meriden our family’s home in 1994.  I worked as a Director of Sales & Marketing in the hotel industry, a Community Organizer for The Universal Healthcare Foundation of Connecticut, a PTO co-president, a volunteer advocate for special needs children, and a City Councilor.  My husband, Doug, has been a police officer for over 20 years, and we have two sons, Riley (15) and Cameron (10).    

As a member of the Meriden City Council, I serve as Deputy Majority Leader, Vice-Chairwoman of Finance, Chairwoman of Public Works, Parks & Recreation, and Liaison to the Board of Education.  My time on the Council has allowed me to understand government’s challenge of balancing the service needs of a community with the financial constraints of its citizens. At a time when government, just like families and businesses, is challenged by the downturn of the economy, I am proud that we have reduced the City of Meriden’s operating expenses each year, fully funded all of our ongoing pension obligations, improved our bond rating to AA-, and maintained a stable property tax rate with very minimal increases. We also continue to make strides on much needed projects, such as renovating schools, roads and bridges, flood control measures, improving our downtown and developing a Transit Oriented District.  

Supporting the values in which I believe, while still controlling government spending and keeping taxes to a minimum, has been very difficult.  Even so, while helping keep Meriden’s financial house in order, I have continued advocating for a quality educational system for all our children, respecting the sacrifices made by our veterans, and assisting our seniors and families with the daily issues that affect their lives. In addition to collaborating with my colleagues on city-wide projects, I’ve advocated for projects which hold great importance to my constituents. I raised funds for Jack Barry Little League’s flood recovery efforts and continue to work as their liaison in an effort to improve field conditions. In addition, I spearheaded a collaborative venture between the City of Meriden and the City Park & Brookside Park Neighborhood Association to renovate the two oldest parks in Meriden by securing funding from both the City and philanthropic organizations in the form of grants.  

Although I accept the fact that not everyone will agree on every issue, I believe that we can embrace the common values that we share as hard-working Americans: good jobs for everyone, a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, an effective education system, and the opportunity for affordable healthcare. Helping the towns in the 13th District will be my highest priority, but I also see statewide issues that need attention and welcome the opportunity to address them. We should expect fiscal responsibility by our government, and integrity and transparency in our elected officials. I am not a career politician; I am one woman who asks for the opportunity to make our voices heard and make a positive difference by serving as your State Senator.

Danté Bartolomeo

Kendall Svengalis June 02, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Just what we need, another big government, tax and spend liberal to shove more taxes down our throats and drive people and businesses from Connecticut. For too long, Democrats from the smaller towns have voted in lock-step with their big city allies to send our taxes to Hartford, from which we get little back. We have been bled dry long enough. Connecticut is in a death spiral thanks to Governor Malloy and the Democrats in the General Assembly. Re-elect Len Suzio, a man who represents the hard-working taxpayers of Connecticut against the special interests in Hartford and the public employee uinions who control them.


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