Lesser: Middletown Joins Mattabassett District

Regionalizing will allow Middletown to demolish its water pollution control facility on the Connecticut River.

The legislature unanimously approved a bill sponsored by State Rep. Matt Lesser (D-Durham, Middlefield and Middletown) and the Middletown legislative delegation in the final day of the legislative session that will allow Middletown to join the Mattabassett  District.

"Today's vote by the House of Representatives is the last step before the bill goes to Gov. Malloy. This is the culmination of 40 years of discussions and is a win-win for residents, the environment and most of all Middletown's waterfront," said Lesser.

The bill (SB 764) authorizes Middletown to join the Mattabassett District and to use the Mattabassett Water Pollution Control Facility for the town’s wastewater treatment rather than being forced to make costly improvements to Middletown's own WPCF facility.

Lesser noted that that regionalizing will allow Middletown to demolish its own water pollution control facility on the Connecticut River, freeing the land up for potential development.

The non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis estimated this bill will result in a savings to Middletown of approximately $1 million in capital costs.

David Bauer June 11, 2011 at 03:02 AM
I have been following this Bill closely all during the session. Senate Bill 764 was introduced in January 2011 by Senator Doyle & Rep. Joseph Serra. The final language was introduced by 4 State Senators including Doyle & Suzio. If Rep. Lessor wants to take credit for this bill, then I would appreciate an explanation why he would write such an incomprehensible rule for determining the composition of the board once Middletown has been accepted into the District: ****** see next comment *****
David Bauer June 11, 2011 at 03:03 AM
.... continued (c) (1) The number of representatives on the board of directors of the Mattabassett District shall be determined as follows: (A) Each constituent municipality shall be represented by a base number of three representatives from each constituent municipality, and (B) each constituent municipality whose population, minus five thousand, is greater than the result of dividing the aggregate population of the constituent municipalities by the number of constituent municipalities shall be entitled to additional population-based compensatory representation. The number of additional representatives to which a constituent municipality is entitled may be calculated by (i) dividing the aggregate population of the constituent municipalities by the number of constituent municipalities, (ii) subtracting the result from the population of the constituent municipality, minus five thousand, (iii) dividing the result by fifteen thousand, and (iv) rounding the result up to the nearest whole number. The population of each municipality shall be determined according to the last-completed federal census. BTW - In plain speak, there will be a board of 15 - 5 from New Britain, 4 from Middletown, 3 each from Berlin and Cromwell. Read the Bill - http://www.cga.ct.gov/2011/AMD/S/2011SB-00764-R00SA-AMD.htm


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