Lasser Report: Meeting Highlights and Reval

Selectman Howard Lasser's newsletter.

Coming Events:

There is a Special Town Meeting, Tuesday, January 31 at 7 p.m. at the .

The Board of Selectman, at their January meeting, to pay the sewer assessment related to the sewer extension to the High School. The Board of Finance . Our Town Charter requires that a Town Meeting be called to approve an appropriation of this size. The funds will come from our Fund Balance (savings account). The appropriation is being sought now, rather than through the budget process because it is a one-time item and funding is available to cover this while we continue to maintain a fund balance in excess of the goal set by the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance.

It is important that we get people to come to the Town Meeting to support this.  This is a legal obligation of the Town. Should the Town Meeting fail to appropriate these funds the payment will have to be included in the annual budget where it might impact other areas, reducing funding for other important items.

Board of Selectmen — January meeting highlights

Finances: Our financial position continues to be good. Our revenues for taxes are running ahead of expectations, while expenses are also consistent with our plans. Where we have some exposure is in our investment income expectations, as well as fees for service in the Town Clerks office. However, this latter area should catch up some as we anticipate applications from both Costco and BJs.

Gurski Commission: The Board of Selectmen decided to and include the responsibilities for managing the property as well as fulfilling the education mission within the Conservation Commission. We believe this will be more efficient as well as help us get greater community support for the further development of this property.

Special Appropriation: As noted above, the Board of Selectmen have requested a special appropriation of $485,000 to pay the benefit assessment for the sewer line that was run to the High School.

A note about revaluation:

Since there is little to report this month, I want to remind you that this year the town is going through revaluation. A reminder, the valuations of property is used as a way of apportioning your share of the tax burden of the town. So a change in the valuation does not in itself mean anything with regard to your taxes. What matters is the change relative to others.

By now you have probably received a notice from the Town Assessor with your new property assessment. The work is not yet complete, specifically the commercial properties are not complete. I have been told that the average for residential properties was about a 20 percent reduction in value. At this point you cannot reach any conclusions as to how this will relate to your specific tax situation. I will have more on this in the near future as the Assessor completes her work.

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