Giuliano Won't Reapply for Elections Enforcement Position

Giuliano was informed the agency will be reposting the job opening, but he is disturbed by the SEEC's response to protests of co-chairmen of the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee.

Former Sebastian N. Giuliano will not reapply for the executive director and general counsel of the state Elections Enforcement Commission, the Hartford Courant reports.

Giuliano was informed the agency will be reposting the job opening, according to the Courant, but by bowing to the protests Jan. 13 by state Sen. Gayle S. Slossberg, D-Milford, and state Rep. Russ Morin, D-Wethersfield, co-chairmen of the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee, he said, the SEEC failed to "assert its independence" from the GAE.

The SEEC postponed its vote on the Giuliano's appointment on Jan. 18.

On Jan. 20, State Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield) to express his concerns about the influence of in the staffing decisions of the independent agency.

On Jan. 17, student Paulina C. Jones-Torregrosa filed a alleging that as mayor, Giuliano violated state elections laws in an attempt to refrain Wesleyan students from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

Later that day, a protester planned by Wesleyan students in Hartford to express their anger over the hiring of the former Middletown mayor as executive director. The only , held outside the offices of the commission on a cold, wet and dreary afternoon, was Mansoor Alam, a spokesman for the students who planned the picket. The class of 2015 freshman who drove from his home in Cheshire held a hand-lettered cardboard sign saying, "Seb Elect Enf Com?"

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Jim Hartzell January 31, 2012 at 09:27 PM
The courant article implied they wanted someone for the job who wasn't political, gosh I wonder where they would find someone that would fit that bill. As far as the Democrats and Wesleyan protest. They have been basing their allegations on facts made up out of thin air. Too bad a good man won't get the job, but then he isn't a Democrats, no real surprise there. There were not any republicans protesting, but the man who nominated his is our own governor, who is a Democrat. Go figure!
Pro Death February 13, 2012 at 01:48 AM
I hope those two Wesleyan students who are now apart of the Democratic Town Committee ( no surprise there they worked in tandem from the get-go) are taken to court on slander- it is their fault that a good man did not get a job he was qualified for- those students Ben Forsheim and Gabriela publicly accused in a letter to the SEEC Giuliano of voter intimidation and suppression which is a felony- he lost a position and money over this - a malice act to ruin a good man's life. It is too bad the SEEC did not see these unfounded allegation for the malicious attacks they were. If the situation were reversed, and a Republican did this to a Democrat it would not be tolerated by the community. Discrimination and persecution of conservatives by liberals in CT is common and very sad. What happened to live and let live? There is a clear double standard happening.
John Q. Public February 13, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Right, two Wesleyan students wield that kind of power. Get a grip. Guiliano's failure to get the job had nothing to do with those two or anything that they said or did. He didn't get the position because he was fresh off the kind of campaign that the SEEC should try to avoid. If you want the public to have any confidence in the SEEC it cannot be run by someone fresh off the trail. The fact that his campaign engaged in some very questionable tactics and was run by one of the most notorious bare knuckle political bosses in the state was just the icing on the cake. There is no persecution or double standard here, just some very basic common sense. Don't worry, Guiliano will receive a different patronage job very shortly. His campaign manager still has plenty of pull in this state. He will find a position somewhere in the state bureaucracy and will put in a few years working for the state until his pension vests and then the taxpayers will have the priveledge of paying 50 percent of his salary and the cost of his health insurance for the rest of his life. Is it only the welfare for the poor that bothers you?


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