Drew: Dem Convention has 'Crystallized' Import of State Sen. Race

The Middletown mayor says control of the U.S. Senate could be greatly decided by which party voters in Connecticut elect at the polls this November for state Senate.


Editor's Note: Middletown Patch is checking in with state Rep. Matthew Lesser, D-100, and Middletown Mayor Dan Drew daily as they take part in the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., through Thursday.

The past four days have been whirlwind of political activity for Mayor Dan Drew, who has met many interesting people, including DNC Chair Howard Dean, Benjamin Todd Jealous, president of the National NAACP; and even posed for a photo opp with the actor made famous for playing the role of Newman on the "Seinfeld" show — Wayne Knight.

Drew said he had a promising talk with Jealous, who, "expressed interest in coming and visiting Middletown. We talked about voting rights and extending voting accessibility to people throughout the country."

Most importantly, Drew said, the Democratic National Convention has "crystallized" the importance of Connecticut's U.S. Senate race.

Both Ramussen and Quinnipiac polls show Linda McMahon slightly ahead of Chris Murphy in the U.S. Senate race, within a 3-point margin of error, which has led many, including Sen. Richard Blumenthal, to believe that however Connecticut leans in November's Senate vote, so goes the nation.

"What's important for voters to remember is the balance of the Senate between Democrats and Republicans control hinges in large part on our great state of Connecticut and it's really critical to re-elect [U.S. Rep.] Chris Murphy," Drew said late Wednesday from the DNC in Charlotte.

Murphy, Drew says, is "fighting for working people" which is pertinent now, "as we see our economy rebounding in the city of Middletown."

Last week in Middletown, U.S. Reps. Rosa DeLauro and Murphy took part in a at the . Drew said just before the meeting, "I was out with Chris Murphy that morning bringing him to small businesses in Middletown just before he came over to that event."

"Chris Murphy has implemented and sponsored Buy American legislation so we can actually make products here and sell them throughout the world rather than just import products from around the world," Drew said.

The mayor then shared some thoughts about the difference, in his view, of Senate candidates Linda McMahon and Murphy.

"Chris Murphy understands what it's like to raise a family on a limited income. Linda McMahon believes her billions of dollars entitles her to a place at the head of the line. ... If she were serious about solving our problems in the country, she would be working with policy experts, not political experts, on her economic plan," Drew said.

"I have a daughter. I have a wife I love very much. I have a mother," Drew said. "I would not want for any of them to be dealing with health care decisions that were controlled by conservatives with their own right-wing extremist agenda."

Drew said he's adamant about equal pay for women. "When a woman gets up in morning and goes to work, and puts in her entire day, she should walk away with the same pay as a man would make for doing the exact same thing."

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy also touched upon women's rights in his speech Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention. "The Republicans want to take away a woman's right to choose, even if she's a rape victim. That's in their platform. That's what they believe. That's why there are three simple reasons for anyone to support Barack Obama over Mitt Romney: 'Your sister, your mother, and your daughter,'" Malloy said.

Live streaming of tonight's DNC is available at www.demconvention.com. Speakers preceding Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama include Caroline Kennedy, actresses Eva Longoria and Natalie Portman.

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Christopher Schaefer September 06, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Rosa Delauro: “Many of these [preventative and wellness care] services will be free of charge”. REALITY: According to the July 24 estimates of the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office [CBO] http://cbo.gov/ the insurance coverage provisions of ObamaCare will cost the government $1.7 trillion from 2012 to 2022. That includes $642 billion for Medicaid, $1 trillion for subsidies and $23 billion of tax credits to help small employers buy insurance. (“Free of charge” Rosa?) The CBO “assumes” that these expenses will be “completely offset” by revenues from: NEW taxes, NEW penalties and NEW fees. (Keep in mind that these “assumptions” are made by the same folks who can’t even balance the federal budget…) So here’s my suggested “mandate”: every time DeLauro says a government service will be “free of charge” she should be required to reveal which voting taxpayers actually will pay for it. Because somebody has too—and it’s most likely YOU. In the 1st 8 1/2 minutes of this interview you’ll get Wayne Winsley’s philosophy—based on his hardscrabble early life (vs. super-rich DeLauro’s fake solutions—based on condescending, elitist “theories”). http://ct-n.com/ondemand.asp?ID=8108
Truthteller September 06, 2012 at 09:31 PM
I guarantee you Dan And Matt screamed NO for GOD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNQuT2worqc&feature=youtu.be
Get Real September 06, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Really Dan, now you're for women! Ask Ann who was the first person you fired when you got elected. Then when someone hired her, you cancelled her insurance. Try Debbie, who you are desperately trying to buyout, which is going to cost the taxpayers a fortune! Or how about all the ladies that were forced out of their jobs from the BOE - Jody, Tracy, Chris, Debbie and more! That's right, you hired your neighbor - a MAN who didn't pass the background checks!! Let's get real - retribution for the ladies from your administration and advancement for the guys. You aren't fooling anyone
Darrell Lucas September 07, 2012 at 04:27 AM
So if you dont believe in god? What? Everyone is an Atheist in some form.
Darrell Lucas September 07, 2012 at 04:37 AM
Christopher Schaefer : We should STOP paying taxes altogether and fend for ourselves!


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