UPDATE: Mayor Fires Deputy Police Chief

Dan Drew cited the results of the internal affairs report conducted by investigating Attorney Eric P. Daigle which found numerous police rule violations and incidents of misconduct by former Acting Chief of Police Patrick McMahon who responded by terming

11:11 a.m.

Mayor Dan Drew entered Council Chambers this morning to announce Middletown Deputy Police Chief Patrick T. McMahon's employment with the city had been terminated.

"Today was an opportunity for Deputy Chief McMahon to present to me any exculpatory evidence or mitigating circumstances that we may not have seen or that did not come up in the course of the investigtion," Drew said, "in my opinion, he did not do that. I didn't seen any kind of reasonable explanation for anything that took place; therefore I moved ahead with the decision that I made to terminate him."

Drew said the Daigle report had cost the city $10,000 and that McMahon's paid administrative leave had cost approx $35,0000. McMahon will receive his "approved vacation: he'll receive everything he's entitled to, there will be a refund of his pension contributions," Drew said, as he hadn't been employed long enough to be eligible.

McMahon had left the proceedings 15 minutes earlier with his lawyer. His statement charges the mayor with extortion, citing a letter McMahon received from Attorney Michael J. Rose Feb. 16 that McMahon says indicates the city would allow him to resign, keeping the Daigle report in a draft form and preventing the its public release.

Attorney Rose's letter states, "next Thursday (Feb. 23), unless [McMahon] resigns, he will in all likelihood be terminated. Moreover, this report will, in fact, become public information, by virtue of the necessity of its transmission to the Deputy Chief."

Rose's letter requests McMahon resign by Feb. 17 at 3 p.m.

Further, McMahon's statement says, a Loudermill hearing allows for a response to allegations, "yet you also instruct me to bring with me all department issued gear along with my assigned vehicle as if I am to be terminated. It appears that you already made up your mind, and this hearing is nothing more than a 'kangeroo court.'"

Earlier version:

The termination or Loudermill hearing for former Acting Police Chief Patrick T. McMahon began swiftly Thursday morning as McMahon and his lawyer Leon Rosenblatt entered Mayor Dan Drew's office.

McMahon, cheery and eager to begin the proceedings, greeted print, television and electronic press just before 10 a.m., handed out a 30-plus page response to the charges levied by Drew.

An internal affairs report conducted by investigating Attorney Eric P. Daigle found numerous police rule violations and incidents of misconduct, , according to the mayor's office.

A press conference is expected after the hearing completion.

Stay tuned to Middletown Patch for developments.


John Q. Public February 23, 2012 at 06:30 PM
I agree with the termination, however the threats of retaliation are unfounded and make Mayor Drew look foolish. No one in their right mind would incriminate themselves to the Press if asked to comment about an investigation, and calling this into question is silly and a low blow by Mayor Drew. All the chief said was he will seek out whomever made the initial allegations to clear his name. How is that in anyway a threat? Would anyone else not do the same? The whole role the Press played in this as a Gestapo like organization during this debacle leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I signed the petition to have the Chief nomination stick & helped to gather other signatures, and do not regret my decision at the time whatsoever. McMahon did good things for Middletown, but made unfortunate decisions no one could foresee. Drew promised an end to spending as part of his campaign and has done nothing but the opposite since in office, his inaction regarding other employees such as Frechette & Haynes whom have done far worse is an example.
John Q. Public February 24, 2012 at 12:41 AM
FYI, someone else has decided to post with the pen name I have been using for several months. In no way do I agree with the (mis)information put forth by the new JQP.


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