Democrats Endorse Their November Candidates

Daniel T. Drew will head the Democratic slate for the November elections.

Council Democrat Daniel T. Drew will take a second run at the mayor’s office this November, following his endorsement Thursday by Middletown Democrats to head their slate of candidates. Drew will once again face off against Mayor Sebastian Giuliano in the Nov. 8 election.

In his acceptance speech Drew told his fellow Democrats that he wants to move the community beyond acrimony and arguing and toward a better future.

“I don’t want to see Middletown imitating Washington any longer,” Drew said. “I’m tired of name-calling, I’m tired of demagoguery, and I’m tired of ultimatums. Mostly, I’m tired of solving all of our problems in court when they could be settled between two people sitting at a table.

“We need a return to civility, a return to the negotiation table, and the willingness to show respect and restraint through our differences. I don’t think it’s constructive to demonize the Republican party or scapegoat our civil servants for this recession or go to court to solve every internal problem we face.”

He said he would continue to build on some of the goals he has accomplished on the council.

“As a councilman I’ve focused on tax reduction, government accountability, economic development, and better schools. I’ve worked cooperatively with my colleagues to accomplish real results for Middletown, including working with Republican Councilman Phil Pessina on getting the American Legion and CIAC tournaments returned to Palmer Field – which boosted several local businesses.”

Drew ran unsuccessfully against Giuliano in 2009, losing by what some Democrats said Thursday was “just a couple hundred votes.” He has promised to rebuild the Connecticut Riverfront and improve public transportation with environmentally friendly buses and light rail.

Besides the council, he serves on the Economic Development, Public Works, and Parks & Recreation commissions, the Ordinance Study Committee, and the Middletown High School Locker Room Building Committee.

He was nominated by Council Democrat Thomas J. Serra, who said Drew would be a wise and measured leader.

“I believe this candidate four mayor has wisdom and intelligence well beyond his years,” Serra said. “If he’s the mayor with our council he’ll do good things.”

His nomination was seconded by other council Democrats who echoed Serra’s comments that a council and mayor’s office controlled by Democrats could move the city past the political infighting that has marked some of their relations in recent months.

“Our city right now seems to be somewhat rudderless,” said Council Democrat Gerald E. Daley. He complained that Giuliano has failed to build coalitions among other city leaders.

“It’s the responsibility of the leader of our city to bring people together and resolve problems. I think Dan Drew will do that.”

Matthew Lesser, the state representative for Middletown, said he has already begun campaigning door-to-door with Drew and is impressed with how he connects with residents. He also said he believes Drew will work well with state leaders.

“It’s so important that we have leaders who can work together, who can respect each other. He will be one of the best mayors in Connecticut.”

Also endorsed at the Democrats’ nominating convention Thursday at City Hall were:


Town Council:

Mary Bartolotta

Todd G. Berch

Gerald E. Daley

Grady L. Faulkner Jr.

Hope P. Kasper

Ronald P. Klattenberg

Robert P. Santangelo

Thomas J. Serra



Quentin W. Phipps


Board of Education:

Franca Acuri Biales

Ava Marie Hart

Edward M. McKeon

Eugene P. Nocera

Mitchell G. Wynn


Planning and Zoning Commission:

Carl R. Chisem

Michael J. Johnson

Richard P. Pellitier

Joyce Rossitter


Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate:

Elizabeth R. Emery

Gary W. Faraci


Board of Assessment Appeals:

Kathryn M. Antonucci

James B. Streeto

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carol July 26, 2011 at 10:45 PM
I am happy to have a new Mayor
Arthur Fonzarelli July 29, 2011 at 01:43 PM
"We need a Change!" That seems to be the motto of the Dems around town. Look at their Common Council Slate. The same six turkeys as always, and they moved Street to BAA and Mountain Drew is running for Mayor.. Vote them out now. .They love the perks of city government and have been using and exploiting the voters for years.
Arthur Fonzarelli July 29, 2011 at 05:56 PM
I hear that GSN is airing a new game show entitled: "What can Hope steal from Middletwon next?" 1) Rifle a city job for her underqualified son-in-law. She had to know right to hire him and then changed the job description by adding teacher benefits to mix. Hey, what's good enough for Hope is good enough to Middletown! 2) Attempt to get her other son-in-law's real estate firm to buy the Weekly Reader Building for the Senior Center. Would make a nice commission, Hope? 3) Entitlement: Will park wherever she wants in the city lot.. Okay, I get it, small potatoes but it shows the type of person she is. I dare you to vote for Hope! When she wins in November she will continue to abuse your tax money while you sit home and follow the rules like everybody else.


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