City Seeks to Terminate Former Acting Police Chief

Mayor Dan Drew today released the findings of an internal affairs report, the results of which constitute just cause for Patrick McMahon's termination — and a govermenment hearing is being held Feb. 23.

The city is moving to fire former Acting Police Chief Patrick T. McMahon, following an internal affairs report that found numerous police rule violations and incidents of misconduct, , according to the mayor's office.

In a letter dated Feb. 17 addressed to and his lawyer Leon Rosenblatt, Mayor Dan Drew writes he has scheduled a mandatory government employee (or "Loudermill") hearing for Feb. 23 at 10 a.m. in the mayor's office to present the findings of investigating Attorney Eric P. Daigle.

"You have consumed alcohol in area establishments while displaying a gun and police badge," the mayor's letter states, adding McMahon violated three police rules — in his untruthfulness, conduct unbecoming and giving false information.

McMahon has been on paid administrative leave since October 2011. Former Mayor Sebastian N. Giuliano did so after the former chief admitted to drinking while in uniform. In January Drew extended his leave for the third time until mid-February.

(Read all stories related to the investigation of former Police Chief McMahon here).

"I also charge you with the following transgressions which could lead to your termination," the letter continues, "threatening city employees, misleading the press, and insubordination ... all of these actions constitute 'just cause' for termination of a deputy chief," Drew writes.

"You are instructed to bring all department-issued gear, your deputy chief's badge, the city's vehicle and the keys to said vehicle to the hearing for immediate return to the city of Middletown."

Under the Loudermill hearing rules, McMahon and his lawyer attend the hearing and may address "mitigating factors that you believe should consider in evaluating your continued employment with the city," Drew writes.

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Jose February 18, 2012 at 03:39 AM
If you think this Town is bad, take a look at Milford, CT. Milford is lawless, stay away !!!!!
wyatt February 18, 2012 at 02:50 PM
The arrogance of this character is astounding but finally justice will be served. I just wonder if we taxpayers can get back the pay and benefits he accrued while under suspension ?


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