Arrigoni Bridge Delays Expected This Weekend

The east and westbound travel lanes will be separated as work on the middle section begins.

Motorists can expect a change in the traffic pattern on the Arrigoni Bridge in Portland and Middletown beginning Saturday as the next stage of construction begins, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation. 

The east and westbound travel lanes will be separated as work on the middle section begins. The last stage on the northern side of bridge is anticipated to begin in mid-May with overall completion of the project in November.

The eastbound travel lane to Portland will be relocated to the south side of the bridge onto the newly installed deck. Westbound traffic to Middletown will continue to travel in the current lane that is in place. Motorists will continue to merge into a single lane approaching the bridge from either the Middletown or Portland sides. 

The stage change will begin at 2 p.m on Saturday, with anticipated completion Sunday morning. Weather conditions may require modifying the schedule, with work beginning on Sunday and being completed by Monday at 6 a.m.

The current lane markers with red X’s and green arrows will be turned off prior to the stage change operation and will be reactivated once the stage change is completed. The contractor will be relocating barriers, pavement markings and work zone devices as part of the traffic shift.

Motorists can expect alternating one way traffic to be in effect during the stage change.  Portable concrete barriers and crash systems will be installed in the two middle lanes of the bridge to allow for work in the center section of the main spans.


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