A Mayor's Fond Farewell

Mayor Sebastian Giuliani issues heartfelt farewell message to Middletown residents.

Dear Middletown Residents,

Few people are given the honor of serving their neighbors and fellow citizens of their hometown. For the past six years, the citizens of this great city have so honored me.  

During this time, I have met and worked with many wonderful people – business owners, advocates for the disenfranchised, city employees and everyday citizens – all in an effort to make Middletown a more attractive, safe and prosperous community. Sometimes, we were successful and other times we fell short, but not for lack of effort or a desire to do the best for all of Middletown.

I will let others decide whether the work we have accomplished was to the better, but I would like to thank those in city government who work hard every day to keep our city secure and moving in the right direction. Thanks also to a determined business community that has helped our downtown thrive while offering opportunities to a new generation of Middletown workers.  To those many people in non-profit organizations, your work has been a reflection of the compassion and caring nature of our city.

To those who have always supported me through each day – especially my wife, Paula, my mother, my children and entire family - words can’t capture the love and encouragement they have given to me.

I wish our new Mayor, Dan Drew, every success in his efforts to do what is right for Middletown, now and in the future.  We are all Middletown residents and should work with Mayor Drew to further our common goals and respect each other when we disagree.

Again, thanks to all of Middletown for your confidence, prayers and good wishes.

Sebastian N. Giuliano


Tom Sebold November 16, 2011 at 12:05 AM
When the final chapter is written in the book called "Seb's Life" there will be a special chapter titled the mayoral years. It will be written that a smart, compassionate, family man led the City of Middletown for six great years. They were years of caring, sharing, and devotion to the citizens of this great city. He has given more than any of you will ever know. If you carefully look into his eyes when he smiles you will see the soul of one who always cared. Live, love, and be happy Seb!
Darrell Lucas November 16, 2011 at 03:44 AM
Sebby was a good guy. I also notice the Comcast remote on his desk. Will Dan remove the flat screen TV in the mayors office? Dan did complain about it when we was voted onto the common council.


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