Police Forced to Tase Man After He Attacks Another

The incident took place in front of a crowd gathered at the Buttonwood Tree.

A Deep River man was arrested Monday after punching a man several times in the face and struggled with officers, necessitating the use of a Taser twice, according to Middletown Police.

At 11 p.m., Michael A. Bolduc, 30, of Winthrop Road, Deep River, started a verbal fight with a male victim in front of the Buttonwood Tree at 605 Main Street.

When police arrived, he was yelling at people and was being held back by a man to prevent him from attacking another, according to the police report.

His wife and sister-in-law told police Bolduc did not like the man and got into a verbal argument with him over the man driving a car Bolduc rented weeks ago but hadn’t given him permission to drive.

After speaking with all involved officers decided to let him go and unhandcuffed him, when he ran away, jumped on the victim and began to punch him repeatedly in the face, according to the arrest report.

Officers got him to the ground and he resisted by spinning his body around and putting his hands under his body. The family was screaming at officers, escalating the situation, police report.

He was Tased in the upper left shoulder, he gave up his hands then resisted again so the officer punched Bolduc in the cheek as another officer Tased him in the shoulder. He refused to get into the cruiser, police say.

The victim refused medical help and said Bolduc was “crazy” and he worried if he was released he would come to his house and continue the assault.

Bolduc was charged with third-degree assault, interfering with an officer and breach of peace.

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