Police: City Man Charged With Inciting 50-Person Riot

Middletown Police incident reports through May 2.

Middletown Police report the following arrests:

SECOND-DEGREE BREACH OF PEACE — On May 2, Michelle Macote, 40, of Spring Street was at the scene of a loud noise complaint by neighbors. As police left, she began yelling, screaming, shouting loudly and swearing. She was given a May 12 court date.
THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT, SECOND-DEGREE CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO LANDLORD'S PROPERTY, SECOND-DEGREE RECKESS ENDANGERMENT, DISORDERLY CONDUCT, POSSESSION NARCOTIC SUBSTANCE — On May 1, Keith Easter, 19, of Miller Street was at the scene of a domestic in a physical fight with his mother. His sister told police she saw him break a wooden door off its hinges, causing it to fall down the stairs and almost hit her in the face. She saw him walk outside and begin to fight with his mother, who fought him off in self-defense. He admitted doing so. Easter allegedly assaulted his young brother just before this incident. Officer found two Klonopin pills on him. He was given a May 2 court date.
SECOND-DEGREE FAILURE TO APPEAR — On May 1, David Griffin, 55, of no certain address turned himself into police headquarters on a warrant from Jan. 7. He was given a May 11 court date.
DISORDERLY CONDUCT — On May 1, Maria Laden, 45, of Saybrook Road was involved in a physical fight with her fiance, William Rodriquez, 43, of the same address. He admitted to spitting on her she admitted scratched his neck. Both were given a May 2 court date.
POSSESSION UNDER 4 OZ MARIJUANA, AND OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA — On April 30, Devaughn S. Williams, 33, of Cynthia Lane was stopped while driving with a suspended registration. When asked if anything illegal was in the car, he said, "I got some weed," and handed over a baggie with 3 grams of marijuana and a pipe with residue. He was given a May 11 court date.
ILLEGAL SALE OF UNAUTHORIZED RECORDINGS — On April 30, Ramirez Rosario, 42, of Woodward Avenue, a cashier at the Downtown Food Mart on Main Street was found selling counterfeit DVDs. She has a May 11 court date.
THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT — On April 29, Winston H. Lobban, 32, of Stoneycrest Drive allegedly scratched his live-in girlfriend in the face after pushing and cussing at her. He was given a May 2 court date.
POSSESSION UNDER 4 OZ MARIJUANA, DUI — On April 25, Jack H. Walden, 49, of Liberty Street was stopped for signaling and turning violations. He failed field sobriety tests and was found with .9 grams of marijuana, which he admitted was his. Walden was given a May 4 court date.
DISORDERLY CONDUCT — On April 23, police were called to Farm Hill Road to assist a State Trooper with a disturbance. The officer was flagged down by the victim while he drove by. She said she was assaulted by two girls, twin sisters, Amanda and Melonie Voiges, both 19, of Old Farms Road, Durham, both of which allegedly had been texting the victim, provoking her to fight. The sisters drove to Middletown, entered the Farm Hill Road home and provoked the victim to fight outside. Both were given a May 6 court date.
INTERFERING WITH OFFICER, SECOND-DEGREE INCITE TO RIOT — On April 20, Travone M. Jenkins, 19, of Maplewood Terrace was among a group of men who allegedly taunted two women. Jenkins refused to show his identification, saying to police, "you don't need to know." A large group, 50-60 people, began to form who started yelling at two officers. He refused to put his hands behind his back, struggled with officers and broke free. Officers were unable to handcuff him because of the crowd, several more police units arrived while the crowd yelled and chanted. Jenkins was given a May 4 court date.
USING CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING, OPERATING WITH SUSPENDED DRIVERS LICENSE — On April 18, Shane Beach, 26, of McKenna Drive was seen driving on Atkins Street while talking on his phone. He was given a May 2 court date.

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