PD: Boyfriend's Actions So Upset Woman She Caused Caddy to Crash

Middletown Police say a 30-year-old city man is facing multiple charges in connection with the assault of his girlfriend, who says he's addicted to crack cocaine.

report the following incidents:

BREACH OF PEACE, INTERFERING WITH EMERGENCY CALL, SECOND-DEGREE UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT, THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT, SECOND-DEGREE RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT — On April 21 at 1:18 p.m., Chad Smith, 30, of Hotchkiss Street was involved in a fight with his girlfriend on Fowler Avenue. Upon arrival, police say, they saw a Cadillac crashed into a guardrail and curb and Smith standing outside a VW Jetta. The report says the victim had a scratched chest and torn shirt and was crying and holding it closed. Police say the victim told them Smith is a “serious crack-head” and was at her house at 1 p.m. screaming and banging on the door to be let in; then threw her down, hit her in the face and ripped her shirt off. The report says Smith prevented her leaving and took her cell phone so she couldn’t all police. She said she was so upset she backed out, causing the Cadillac to crash trying to avoid her, the report says. A witness confirmed the attack, but Smith kept insisting, police say, he never touched her.

SECOND-DEGREE FAILURE TO APPEAR — On April 20 at 8 p.m. Mark Springer, 30, of Eastern Drive turned himself on an outstanding warrant.

SECOND-DEGREE BREACH OF PEACE, CARRYING DANGEROUS WEAPON — On April 20, Gary L. Steele, 45, of Batt Street and Gary Steele Jr., 26, of Laurel Street, Hartford, were involved in an argument among six people in the street near Spencer Drive, the report says, in which crowbars and knives were involved. Both father and son were charged for the above.

OPERATION UNREGISTERED VEHICLE AND WHILE LICENSE IS SUSPENDED, FAILURE TO WEAR SAFTY BELT — On April 20, Sansal Gokcek, 23, of Century Avenue, Bridgeport, was driving on Saybrook Road without a seatbelt.

THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT — On April 20, Elena DeLeon, 42, of Stoneycrest Drive hit her ex-husband in the face, police say, causing a bloody lip.

RECKLESS USE OF HIGHWAY BY PEDESTRIAN, POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, NON-STUDENT POSSESSING DRUGS NEAR SCHOOL — On April 20 at 6:36 p.m., Solomon S. Dill, 33, of Long Lane was seen by officer walking on Main Street toward Washington and crossed the street without the cross signal. A search revealed 18 .5mg Clonazepam pills.

USE OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA — On April 19 at 9:52 a.m., police say Richard M. Gilbert, 45 of Weiss Road, Haddam, was a passenger in a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by Melanie A. Lynch, 34, of Lookout Road, Westbrook, on West Lake Drive with an expired registration. Inside, the report says, the officer found a glass smoking pipe at Gilbert’s feet, later found with crack cocaine residue inside. A check of his phone revealed text messages from people asking for pills, police say; Gilbert then said the phone was his sister’s. Lynch’s eyes had pinpoint pupils, the report says, and was found with copper wool in her purse, two prescription bottles for 80mg Oxycontin and 30mg Oxycodone tablets and empty, unopened and partially full beer cans and bottles. Lynch then turned over crack cocaine she kept in her pants, the report says. Both were arrested for the above; Lynch additionally for possession of narcotics, improper signaling and operation of unregistered motor vehicle.

SIXTH-DEGREE LARCENY — On April 19 at 10:22 a.m., a woman told police her boyfriend, Mark Springer, 30, of Eastern Drive, by whom she is four months pregnant, lives in a shed at the back of her parents’ house and had taken her EBT car which had $400 on it to use to buy a car, the report says. At 11:20 a.m., Springer came into police and admitted stealing it, officers report, and used it all to buy cocaine due to a crack addiction. The report says he is a U.S. Army veteran of Iraq under the care of the West Haven VA. Police sent him there for detoxification.

SIXTH-DEGREE LARCENY — On April 18 at 1:04 p.m., police were called to Bob’s on East Main Street for a shoplifter in which a loss prevention officer had seen a 17-year-old of Loveland Street remove a pair of boat shoes worth $79.99 from the rack, give his flip-flops to a friend and leave the store without paying.

FAILURE TO DRIVE AT REASONABLE DISTANCE, INSURANCE COVERAGE FAILS MINIMUM — On April 17 at 4:07 p .m., Victor B. Rook, 53, of Plaza Drive was involved in a car accident on Washington Street after rear-ending another car with his.

OPERATION MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE LICENSE IS SUSPENDED — On April 16, Joseph E. Hills, 26, of Warwick Street was driving on Saybrook Road, police say, with a loud muffler and speeding.

IMPROPER USE MARKER PLATE, INSURANCE COVERAGE FAILS MINIMUM — On April 14, Maurice C. Davis, 49, of Long Hill Road was driving a Subaru Impreza on South Main Street ahead of a police cruiser. A police check revealed the plate belonged on another car; Davis admitted he placed it on the car so he could drive it to a friend’s garage to have the transmission repaired, the report says.

OPERATION MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE LICENSE IS SUSPENDED — On April 14, Damon L. King, 26, of Lawlor Street, New Britain, was driving a Honda Civic on Hartford Avenue with dark, tinted windows. King said the car was a friend’s when police told him the registration was expired.

THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT — On April 13 at 8:36 p.m., a female victim was found by police pacing in front of a Ferry Street apartment crying, saying she had been attacked by Ana Ramos, 32, of Oak Street. The woman said her brother called her at 8:28 p.m. saying Ramos was going to beat her up, the report says. The woman went to Ferry Street to pick up her brother and bring him to the hospital, where, the report says, Ramos was waiting for her, yelling about being disrespected. Ramos allegedly punched the woman in the face several times and, after being told the victim was pregnant, punched her in the stomach twice, police say, and pulled hair from her head. Ramos told officers she was upset after seeing the victim go into a bedroom days before with her ex-boyfriend and making disturbing comments. Ramos told officers the boyfriend had shown a gun on Main Street, which officers say, turned out to be a BB gun.


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