PD: Two Felons Nabbed in Grand Street Crack Bust

Middletown Police say they found four men, two of whom were on probation, and evidence of cocaine, heroin and possibly marijuana trafficking along with a large amount of cash.

Thomas Lydick
Thomas Lydick

A two-month-long drug sting ended this week with a North End apartment raid turned up two felons, one selling crack cocaine from the home of another who accepted drugs and cash for his part in the scheme, according to Middletown Police.

During October and November, narcotics officers watched an apartment at 63 Grand Street and a resident, Thomas Lydick, 48, of Grand Street who allows "Cisquo" to sell crack cocaine and heroin at his home, according to the report, in exchange for money and drugs. 

On Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m., the home was raided by narcotics detectives who found Lydick and two other men in the living room and a search revealed several baggies of crack cocaine, according to the report, and three used glass pipes, a razor blade with residue and envelope with names and telephone numbers with names of known narcotics traffickers.

Lydick insisted he does not sell drugs nor allow others to sell them from his home, according to police, but admitted he is a heroin and crack user and the two men were simply guests of his home. A search revealed multiple wax paper folds in his dresser, police say, that are used to hold heroin.

Police found Cisquo leaving through the back door and identified him as Antoine Haugabook, 35, of West Clay Street, Hartford, the report indicates. 

He fled and led multiple officers on a foot chase toward Rapallo Avenue, later saying he had thrown a bag of marijuana into the grass, the report says, but it was not found. A police canine found 17 baggies (3.2 grams) of crack cocaine in his long john underwear, police say, and a large sum of cash. 

There was a knife with cocaine residue, a cell phone that rang with narcotics-related texts, police say, and Haugabook told officers he would "beat this case" and not serve jail time. The report says he was verbally combative and accused officers of planting the crack on him.

Haugabook was charged with possession of narcotics and possession with intent to sell and distribution of within 1,500 feet of school, and interfering with an officer and had an outstanding warrant for violation of probation. 

He is a felon on probation with convictions for violation of probation, narcotics possession and with intent to sell, forgery, sale of controlled substance, operating a drug factory, assault, burglary, criminal mischief, weapons in motor vehicle, and failure to appear. 

Lydick was charged with with possession of narcotics, and non-student possessing drugs and paraphernalia near school. He is on probation for violation of probation and protective order, disorderly conduct, failure to appear, DUI, larceny and breach of peace.


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