PD: Man Threatened Girlfriend With 'Suicide by Cop' Plan

A 47-year-old was charged in a domestic violence incident after reportedly calling a victim and dispatchers saying he intended to incite Middletown Police to shoot him a the library.

Middletown Police
Middletown Police

A 47-year-old man was arrested this week after a domestic violence episode in which he threatened his girlfriend he was planning a "suicide by cop," according to Middletown Police.

On Dec. 11 at 11 a.m., a woman walked into police headquarters saying that her boyfriend, Hector Campos, 47, of 99 Union Street, called her saying he intended to telephone her two children and ex-husband and "be on the 5 o'clock news to smear her name" while he was "killed by cops," according to the report. 

Police say the victim was to get a restraining order against Campos within an hour and while she spoke with the desk sergeant, Campos called her to again threaten a "suicide by cop," according to the report. The victim then told officers Campos told her to come to the library to witness his intentions, the report indicates, and dispatch received the same threat when he called from Russell Library.

When officers arrived there, Campos was not to be found and again he called police to say he was at Holy Trinity Church on Main Street, the report says. 

Campos was taken to Middlesex Hospital for an emergency request for treatment, according to the report. 

He was charged with second-degree harassment and second-degree breach of peace. Campos has 2010 convictions for third-degree assault and first-degree criminal trespass incidents in New Haven.


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