PD: Clinton Man Found With Heroin Packets in Middletown

Middletown Police say a 29-year-old man had many signs of recent IV drug use.


report the following incidents:

POSSESSION NARCOTICS, USE OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA — On March 2, Charles D. Demorest, 29, of Fairy Dell Road, Clinton, was seen twice within 20 minutes in Middletown, police say, “under suspicious circumstances.” When stopped, the report says, he had many signs of recent heroin use, with several IV drug paraphernalia in his car. Three packets of heroin were found, the report says; he admitted they were his and had used heroin earlier in the evening.

RISK OF INJURY — On March 2, Lakischa Goforth, 35, of Schaeffer Road turned herself into police on an outstanding warrant related to a domestic charge. She did not have identification, but an officer confirmed her identity.

SIXTH-DEGREE LARCENY — On March 2, Meriden Police turned over Marco Gonzalez, 41, of Hillside Avenue to Middletown for an outstanding warrant. He is a convicted felon with numerous failures to appear.

VIOLATION OF PROBATION — On March 1 at 5 p.m., D’Vonte T. Tenn, 19, of Lake Street, was found with an outstanding warrant while police were canvassing an apartment on Grand Street for drug sales.

INSURANCE COVERAGE FAILS MINIMUM, OPERATION MOTOR VEHICLE IN VIOLATION OF LICENSE CLASSIFICATION, ILLEGAL OPERATION UNDER SUSPENSION — On Feb. 18, Rose M. Lake, 67, of Gates Way, Haddam, was driving a car and police found she never had a license.

OPERATION MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE LICENSE IS SUSPENDED — On Feb. 28 at 3:12 p.m., Cherish King, 22, of  Stoneycrest Drive was driving a 1998 Honda Accord on Newfield Street by Stoneycrest Drive with a suspended license. She told officers she had just sent in her paperwork, the report says.

INSURANCE COVERAGE FAILS MINIMUM, OPERATION MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE REGISTRATION IS SUSPENDED — On Feb. 26 at 5:49 p.m., police were leaving McDonald’s on South Main Street when they saw a car driven by Clarissa Taylor, 38, of Silver Street with a white turn signal.  She was very nervous, police say, and kept leaving the car against police directions, and called a family member to bring down proof of insurance. She told police she would not allow them to tow her car, the report says. She was disruptive and uncooperative and yelled out her car window at police, “hey [expletive], come here!” The report says when Midtown Towing arrived, she verbally argued with officers and ran to the front of her car behind the moving flatbed of the tow truck as it was being lowered. She resisted officers attempts to hold her back; she told them she was pregnant, which they could see, the report says.

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