PD: Gang Member Outs Undercover Cops; Frightens Families at City's Fireworks

Middletown Police say a 19-year-old physically threatened four plainclothes officers inside the tunnel through which hundreds of people were walking just before the Independence Day fireworks display.

A 19-year-old alleged gang member was arrested after police say he was aggressive, unruly and upsetting families inside a tunnel where crowds were funneling to see the city's Fourth of July fireworks.

On July 3 at 9:30 p.m., four officers in the major crimes unit were patrolling Harbor Park and deKoven Drive while undercover, the police report details, when they saw Andrew Steven Brown, 19, of Julia Terrace among a group of three to four "unruly individuals" police say accosted them.

These were, police say, "active members of the 'Bloods' street gang," inside the Harbor Park tunnel off deKoven Drive. The report says Brown yelled, "They cops! He's a COP!" as the alleged gang members encircled the police inside the tunnel and Brown, who is 6-foot-2-inches tall, got into one detective's face in an "intimidating manner."

As Brown was being detained, the report says, he used his mobile phone to begin recording the detective's actions, while yelling he had an attorney and would be "out of jail tomorrow." Soon, the report says, all the men were videotaping the officers, "and began to shout in an aggressive and disruptive fashion, 'Let's do this! Let's do this!'"

One officer smelled alcohol on Brown, who is underage and resisted arrest. He had to be pushed to the ground, the report says, and dragged from the tunnel in front of families with children, yelling, "Look how they treat a [racial slur]!"

During booking, police say, Brown apologized for pointing out undercover officers and risked their safety. The report says he admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana that evening and admitted to being "fueled" by the Bloods' "hostile behavior" toward police. He told them he was on probation.

Brown was charged with interfering with an officer and second-degree breach of peace. 


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