PD: Officer Dragged by Drug Dealer's Car During Cocaine Sting

Middletown Police say a Bridgeport felon fled a undercover drug buy, dragging an officer clinging to his broken car window a number of yards, after swallowing several plastic bags of suspected crack.


A Bridgeport felon is facing a slew of serious charges after police say his speeding car dragged an officer several yards down the street after swallowing plastic bags suspected of containing crack cocaine, then fleeing an undercover drug sting, according to Middletown Police.

On Dec. 3 at 11 p.m., members of the street crime unit set up a controlled drug buy with Charles Carr, 40, of Beechwood Avenue, Bridgeport, who, they say planned to meet the undercover detectives in the parking lot of Tradewinds Plaza on Saybrook Road, according to the report. 

When Carr pulled into the parking lot, the undercover officers identified themselves as police officers and attempted to take Carr into custody, the report details, while he was in his car with the windows up and doors locked. 

Carr, a convicted felon with numerous arrests, grabbed clear plastic bags allegedly full of crack cocaine and shove them in his mouth, police say, then took a large gulp of water to wash down the drugs. 

Officers saw Carr swallowing the drugs and broke the windows of the car to prevent Carr from destroying any further evidence, however, the report said he continually refused officers' commands. 

Once he realized officers were in his car, he accelerated, driving over a median and spraying gravel, grass and mud with his tires, police said.

Four of the officers jump out of the way as Carr’s vehicle almost hit them, the report says, and one officer was dragged by the car out of the parking lot then north on Saybrook Road.

"The officer was screaming at Carr to stop the vehicle but was dragged for several yards," police say, as Carr continued to accelerate. Shortly afterward, the officer broke free, sustaining minor injuries. 

A Middletown officer saw Carr and tried to stop him, police say, but he sped away at more than 100 miles an hour. Then he was seen driving north on Route 9 and was followed by an undercover cruiser, the report says.

Connecticut State Police helped pull over Carr's car as he continued being combative with officers, officers report, and punched, kicked and yelled during arrest.

Carr later admitted to officers he swallowed the crack cocaine and dragged the officer with his car, the report indicates.

He was charged with reckless driving, disobeying an officer’s signal in a motor vehicle, engaging police in pursuit, sale certain illegal drugs, possession of narcotics, interfering with an officer simple assault, assault public safety officer/emergency services, attempt to commit a crime, first-degree reckless endangerment and destruction of property/evidence.


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