Narcotics Officers Respond to Middletown Home

One man has reportedly been handcuffed and taken away during what appears to be a police investigation into a narcotics incident.


A man was taken away in handcuffs outside of a Grand Street home early Wednesday morning in an apparent narcotics bust, according to reports.

Middletown Patch is on scene at 72 Grand St. where police have brought in narcotics unit investigators and a drug-sniffing dog. A Patch reporter witnessed a man from the home being taken away in cuffs and three children being placed in a state Department of Children and Families car.

Neighbors describe three extremely loud bangs just after 6 a.m., which police on scene have confirmed as diversionary devices called "flash bangs." A witness said she heard the deafening sounds while sleeping and immediately jumped on her 2-year-old daughter to shield her.

"I called for the kids," she said. who has two boys and two girls. "I was so scared. I thought somebody had been killed."

Witnesses across the street said they heard the loud bangs and looked outside to see the shadows of a police tactical team "coming around the house. They had big bazookas."

The house is located at the corner of Grand and Pearl streets.

Middletown police said there isn’t information to report as of yet, although the incident involves the serving of an arrest warrant.

Investigators are still on scene and some neighbors are gathered outside watching the events unfold.

Check back with Middletown Patch as this story develops.


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