Middletown's Westfield Fire Names New Deputy Chief, Promotes Others

Former Assistant Chief Darrell Ponzio has moved up a rank, as has Joseph Passamano Jr., Jason Lubee and several lieutenants. Help Middletown Patch congratulate these first responders.

Westfield Fire Middletown
Westfield Fire Middletown
The following personnel have been appointed to the ranks of chief officers at the Westfield Fire Department in Middletown.

Fire Chief (10-5): William Balch

Bill Balch will continue to serve the Westfield Fire Department as Chief. Chief Balch was appointed to the position, succeeding Past Chief John Lockwood, in November.

Deputy Chief (10-5-1): Darrell Ponzio

Darrell Ponzio has been appointed by the Commission to serve the department as Deputy Chief. Darrell has been a member of the department for 17 years and has served in multiple capacities. Some of Deputy Chief Ponzio's previous assignments include Assistant Chief, Public Information Officer, and Recruitment and Retention Officer.

Assistant Chief (10-5-2): Joseph Passamano Jr.

Joe Passamano started his fire service career in the Westfield Fire Department Junior Firefighter Program. Assistant Chief Passamano has moved up through the ranks holding positions as Lieutenant, and most recently, Captain. Joe has also run the airpack maintenance program and driver training program for the Westfield Fire Department.

The following line officers were also promoted at the annual meeting of the Westfield Fire Department which was held January 7, 2014. More information will be available shortly regarding the new line officers and the duties and responsibilities of their positions.

Captain (10-5-3): Jason Lubee


10-5-5 - Matthew Holmes
10-5-6 - Paul Heck
10-5-7 - Jacob Peterson
10-5-8 - James Figueroa
10-5-9 - Lucas Kennedy
10-5-10 - Jason Powers

Westfield Fire is a combination department within the city of Middletown, one of three fire districts in the city protecting over 40 square miles and more than 45,000 residents. The small District of Westfield runs on average 1,100 fire/emergency medical calls a year.


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