Middletown Arrests: Nov. 23 to Dec. 5

The following police reports come from the Middletown Police public information officer. Individuals named here reflect charges filed, never a conviction.

Middletown Police
Middletown Police

Middletown Police report the following incidents:

Dec. 5

THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT — At 6:15 a.m., Erin Mace, 37, of Main Street Extension turned herself in on an outstanding warrant.

THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT — At 2:32 a.m., Adam Daigle, 28, of Eagle Hollow Road and Heather E. Burleigh, 30, of Carriage Crossing, who are dating on and off, the report says, fought while she was intoxicated and he threw items at her. Police say Daigle pushed Burleigh to the ground and she hit her head and then choked her. He denied doing so, the report says, and said she threw things at him.

Both were arrested.

Dec. 4

POSSESSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF NARCOTICS AND WITH INTENT TO SELL  — At 5:45 p.m., Betty J. Brown, 47, of Main Street, Portland, was seen by police narcotics officers meeting with people for short conversations on Main Street and Green and Grand, according to the report, after being arrested three weeks prior for drug trafficking. She appeared to be hiding items in her car, police say, then drove away in her Lexus and when stopped at Washington Street appeared to be hiding items in her coat. The report says a police canine found six crack cocaine rocks weighing 1.3 grams and $179 in cash. She has 44 prior arrests from 1984 to the current day, police say. Her cell phone later led to the arrest of a man trying to buy $40 worth of crack, the report says. 

Nov. 30

THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT — Zulieka Colon-Hernandez, 18, of Eastern Drive, New Haven, reportedly assaulted a woman.

Nov. 24

FAILURE TO DRIVE RIGHT, DUI — Robert M. Plourde, 50, of Church Street, Yalesville, was driving erratically on Washington Street, swerving into both lanes and almost hitting another car, according to the report, and when stopped smelled of alcohol. Police say there were multiple beer cans in his truck bed and passenger compartment, he failed sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Nov. 23

INSURANCE FAILS MINIMUM, LICENSE SUSPENDED — Shardae A. Botelho, 28, of Woodbury Circle was driving a Ford Escape on Liberty Street.


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