Middletown Arrests: Dec. 28 to Jan. 7

The following police reports come from the Middletown Police public information officer. Individuals named here reflect charges filed, never a conviction.

Middletown Police
Middletown Police

Middletown Police report the following incidents:

Jan. 7

DISORDERLY — Mary B. Barrera, 23, of Stoneycrest Drive slapped her girlfriend in the face, according to the report, when they argued over $35, the mother said of Barrera said.

PROBATION VIOLATION — Kivana Wright, 33, of Bridge Street turned herself in on an outstanding warrant. 

Jan. 6

SUSPENDED LICENSE, TWO COUNTS SECOND-DEGREE CRIMINAL MISCHIEF — At 1 p.m., police were called to the Eagles Club on Stack Street for an act of vandalism in the parking lot, according to the report, in which Allanah G. Earley, 41, had deflated three of a victim's four tires. The victim noticed the damage at 11 p.m. the night before when he was leaving the bar, police say. Surveillance showed the suspect jabbing the tires, according to the report, and the victim said Earley and he used to live together and they broke up two months ago. Police say she eventually admitted to doing so with a pocket knife and had tried to slash four but was unsuccessful.

UNREGISTERED CAR, EVADING, INSURANCE INSUFFICIENT, VIOLATION LICENSE CLASS, TRAVELING TOO FAST — At 3 p.m., Paul D. Strickland, 68, of no certain address, was involved in a car accident on Newfield Street, the report says, and left the scene.

Jan. 2 

THIRD-DEGREE CRIMINAL MISCHIEF — Kevin Lord, 22, of Hotchkiss Street reportedly used a rock to break the kitchen window of a man while the victim's 6-year-old daughter and girlfriend, Jennie Rourke, 25, of 27 Hotchkiss Street, were in the house, according to the report. Lord denied doing so and said he never left his home. An investigation revealed the phone had rang twice before the attack and when police went to Lord's house, they found his shoes were wet, the report says, and his hand was cut and bleeding. The phone number that showed up on the victim's caller identification, police say, was Lord's. He later allegedly said he tried to call the female and when she didn't answer he became angry. 

At 12:16 p.m., police were called to 27 Hotchkiss Street where Rourke and Stephanie "Angel" Sgro, 26, of 25 Hotchkiss Street fought after Sgro tried to get Rourke to leave the home and, the report says, when she refused, Sgro threw here to the ground, hitting Rourke's head. Both were arrested for disorderly conduct. Sgro told police she acted in self-defense but did not strike Rourke. Lord, police say, was a witness to the fight and tried to stop it, adding neither woman hit the other. 

Dec. 28

SUSPENDED LICENSE, TRAVELING TOO FAST, DUI, INTERFERING — Kenneth Rushford, 21, of Indian Lane, Durham, was driving on East Street, police say, and failed to stop at a four-way intersection then sped off. He smelled of alcohol, police say, and failed sobriety tests on scene and his blood alcohol levels were .2280 and .2116. He told police that he had been drinking heavily the day before because he was upset about a friend who had been driving drunk in Southington and died in a car accident, according to the report. 

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