Middletown Arrests: Dec. 17 to Jan. 3

Middletown Police
Middletown Police

Middletown Police report the following incidents:

Dec. 27

EVADING RESPONSIBILITY — Jonathan W. McFadden, 25, of no certain address was seen leaving the scene of a car accident after striking a metal guardrail after exiting the Arrigoni Bridge's left-hand turn onto Main Street, according to the report. Police say he shut off his headlights and drive away but the officers spotted him with heavy front-end damage to his car and a flat right front tire on Rome Street. He told police he was driving home to his girlfriend's house in Portland.

Dec. 23

SUSPENDED LICENSE — William C. Ezell, 50, of St. John Street was driving on Spring Street with his license plate in his front window, according to the report and an expired emissions.

UNREGISTERED VEHICLE, IMPROPER USE MARKER PLATE, INSURANCE FAILS MINIMUM, SUSPENDED LICENSE — Ursula S. Cinque, 40, of Colonial Street, West Hartford, was driving on Saybrook Road at Frissell Street without a seat belt and two different license plates. 

UNREGISTERED VEHICLE, IMPROPER USE MARKER PLATE, INSURANCE FAILS MINIMUM, SUSPENDED LICENSE — Todd D. Johnson, 40, of South Main Street was driving on Pearl Street without a front plate. 

SIXTH-DEGREE LARCENY — At 1:31 p.m., police were called to Rite-Aid on Main Street about a shoplifter, Melissa Swan, 32, of Liberty Street, who took three items from the makeup aisle, two pairs of winter gloves, an umbrella and duct tape and exited the store, according to the report, without paying. The items taken were worth $63.75. The report says Swan was advised never to return but she could have a prescription filled there if she used the drive-through lane. She was arrested twice in the past for disorderly conduct, assault and driving under suspension.

Dec. 19

FAILURE TO HAVE TAIL LAMPS, DUI — At 1:15 p.m., Levi O. Peterson, 39, of Forest Glen Circle was driving a Honda Civic on Main Street without lights and when stopped was chewing gum very rapidly, according to the report. He told officers he had just left Keagan's Irish Pub after two drinks and was on his way home, the report indicates, and he recited the alphabet incorrectly. His blood alcohol levels tested .127 and .133, the report says.

Dec. 17

SUSPENDED LICENSE, IMPROPER SIGNALING — Eric J. Betoncourt, 29 of Grand Street was driving a Toyota Avalon on Liberty onto Newfield Street and failed to use his blinker, according to the report. 

Dec. 12

EVADING RESPONSIBILITY, OPERATION IN VIOLATION OF LICENSE CLASSIFICATION, TRAVELING TOO FAST FOR CONDITIONS — At 5:06 p.m., Luis G. Krom, 18, of Mazzotta Place was driving a Nissan Maxima that was involved in a car accident at Washington and Broad street and left the scene, according to the report, and the witness followed him to the Christ Lutheran Church parking lot. Krom had no license and was driving the car for his friend who was the passenger and had an expired permit to drive. 

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