Man Faces Charges in Middletown Home Invasion

The suspect was arrested in Florida and brought back to Middletown.

James Cyr. Photo: Middletown Police.
James Cyr. Photo: Middletown Police.

A 73-year-old man remains in custody on charges stemming from a home invasion reported to Middletown Police in April.

According to a Middletown Police report, the suspect, identified as James Cyr, "walked into his ex-wife’s home and sat down at the breakfast table," telling her he wanted to “talk” about their 25-year marriage on the morning of April 25.

"At some point, Cyr pulled out a hand gun and pointed it at his ex-wife stating he wanted to harm her. Cyr’s 18-year-old son was also at home and was able to talk his father into putting down the gun," according to the report.

Police reported that "Cyr’s son was able to get him out of the house and talk to him further. Cyr was upset and had left a suicide note in his vehicle. Cyr and his son parted ways and the ex-wife contacted the police to report the incident."

Police applied for and obtained an arrest warrant charging Cyr of Port Lucia FL with home invasion, threatening and carrying a pistol without a permit. With the assistance of the St. Lucia County Sheriff’s Department in Florida, Cyr was taken into custody on April 28. 

He appeared May 29 in state Superior Court and remains held in custody in lieu of $250,000 bond, according to the Connecticut Judicial Branch website. He's scheduled to return to court on June 10, according to the website.


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