Cops: Man Assaults Wife in Front of Two Young Kids

Middletown Police incident reports through May 31

Middletown Police report the following arrests:

CRIMINAL VIOLATION OF PROTECTIVE ORDER, FIRST-DEGREE CRIMINAL TRESPASS — On May 31, Thomas Harris, 57, of Main Street was at the scene of a disturbance while intoxicated. Police say he was upset his wife left the apartment after an argument. Despite a protective order against him, Harris said he pays rent and has a right to stay there. His wife returned a short while later, saying she left because he was drunk and belligerent. He was given a May 31 court date.

SECOND-DEGREE FAILURE TO APPEAR — On May 30, Colin J. Gibbins, 19, of Catherine Street was processed for an outstanding warrant fro Oct. 1, 2010, on Grove Street. He was given a June 6 court date.

SECOND-DEGREE BREACH OF PEACE, THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT — On May 29, Christopher James, 41, of Newfield Street was found by Cromwell Police with outstanding warrants. He was given a May 31 court date.

THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT, INTERFERING WITH EMERGENCY CALL, RISK OF INJURY TO MINOR — On May 29, Abdul K. Jaiteh, 35, of Ridgefield Drive was in a verbal argument with his wife after she accidentally took his cell phone to work. He left the house, banging the door, then returned five hours later to the bedroom where his wife way lying taking on the phone, flung open the door and ripped the phone from her hands, police say. She put her arms behind her back with the phone, he grabbed her arms, scratching her, then hit his wife with a closed fist to the head. She pushed him away, ripping his shirt. He grabbed the phone again, breaking it, then kicked his wife in the stomach and hit her in the head with an empty glass. While she tried to call 911, he jumped on her and they both fell onto the TV, while the two small children entered the room. He threw the phone twice, police say, disconnecting the 911 call. She grabbed the children and went to a neighbor’s house and he grabbed a hammer, threatening to hit things with it. Jaiteh gave the same version of events, but said the wife was the aggressor. She had a large bump on her forehead, bruises on her forearms and large scratch on her arm. He had minor cuts to his hand and forearm. Police saw blood all over the living room bedroom, kitchen and entry way floor. The 7-year-old boy verified the mother’s story. He was given a May 31 court date.

THIRD-DEGREE CRIMINAL TRESPASS, POSSESSION OF BURGLAR TOOLS, THIRD-DEGREE CRIMINAL MISCHIEF, CRIMINAL ATTEMPT, THIRD-DEGREE LARCENY — On May 27, Thomas A. Zink of no certain address was at Untouchable Towing on Johnson Street when police arrived for a suspicious activity report. A neighbor said he heard noises and saw a male scaling the fence of the tow yard carrying bolt cutters then running south on Johnson. Police found the car with a man inside who said Zink had asked him for a ride to Middletown. The owner told police he found two wheel dollys, two axles and two “go-go” jacks missing with a value of $2,260 and saw two locks and chains securing the items were cut. Police found the items. A short time later, a car arrived with Zink as the passenger and police saw bolt cutters between his feet. Zink said he had nothing to do with it, but later admitted he had stolen the items and planned to return later to retrieve them. He was given a June 10 court date.

SECOND-DEGREE BREACH OF PEACE, THIRD-DEGREE ASSAULT, DISORDERLY CONDUCT — On May 27, Joseph Turnage, 52, of Bailey Road was at the scene of a domestic assault where the victim said he had slapped him across the face. He had a warrant for a Feb. 19, 2010, incident. During processing, police say, he was intoxicated. He claimed to have been in Florida or Georgia on the incident date despite being told he himself had reported the incident.

THIRD-DEGREE CRIMINAL TRESPASS, SIXTH-DEGREE LARCENY — On May 21, Shaun M. Weeks, 26, of Broad Street was on Church Street on a Wesleyan Public Safety report of a suspicious male. He was found with copper wire wrapped around his waist. He admitted to stealing it from Hanks Salvage Yard on Butternut Street by climbing a fenced-in, locked area. It was a half-inch thick in six 30-inch sections, weighing 44 pounds and valued at $171. He has three prior convictions for burglary and was given a June 1 court date.

DUI, THREE COUNTS RISK OF INJURY TO MINOR — On May 21, Michael P. Dobush, 50, of Bunker Hill Road was arrested for DUI after driving across the Portland Bridge into Middletown and crossing into another lane. His blood alcohol levels were .254 and .243. The car had three juveniles inside. He was given a June 31 court date.

POSSESSION UNDER 4 OZ MARIJUANA — On May 18, Nicholas D. Echevarria, 25, and Keith Easter, 19, both of Miller Street, spoke with foot patrol officers on Ferry Street, telling them he had “weed” on him. Echevarria produced a baggie with 7.5 grams of marijuana inside and Easter turned in .9 grams of pot. Both were given a June 1 court date.

OPERATING MOTOR VEHICLE WITH SUSPENDED REGISTRATION, FAILURE TO CARRY REGISTRATION/ID CARD — On May 15, Jonathan Rivera-Musses, 28, of Green Street was driving on Washington Street ahead of a police cruiser. He said the car was registered to his wife and didn’t know the registration was suspended. He was given a June 1 court date.


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