Bridge Street Home in Middletown's North End Damaged in Accidental Fire

Fire trucks had some trouble maneuvering their trucks into the narrow dead-end street and getting to the flames, confined to the wall that joins the first and second floors.

59 Bridge Street, Middletown
59 Bridge Street, Middletown
There were no injuries in an accidental fire touched off by construction work Tuesday at a two-story home in the city's North End.

Middletown Fire Marshal Al Santostefano said workers performing renovations to the first-floor bathroom of the 59 Bridge Street home accidentally ignited wiring in the walls and the flames spread to the second floor and a portion of the attic.

"It didn't really spread out," he said. "It was confined to one area and there was more damage from the water we used to put out the fire."

This single-family old style home built in 1765, sits on a narrow cul de sac off Portland Street that borders the Providence and Worcester Railroad tracks in view of the Arrigoni Bridge.

The homeowner, listed as Warren McDaniel, according to Middletown property records, wasn't home at the time, and Santostefano said the place is livable.

Workers on scene said Middletown fire trucks had trouble fitting into the small street although the fire hydrant right outside at the sidewalk made putting out the flames easier once maneuvering was successfully done.

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