High Schooler Prays for Newtown's Grieving Families

Middletown High School Junior Billy Prevatte extends his condolences to the victims of Friday's deadly school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


To the Editor:

In memory of the kids and the teachers  who died in that  tragic incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in  Newtown, I extend my sincere condolences  to the children’s families for what they’ve gone  through since that day. 

The families are in my thoughts and prayers throughout this greiving process, which will take a long time to get over. I also want to say that I feel so very   sorry for what happened. 

You guys have my full support during this very hard time of need. I will continue to pray for the families because they need a lot of support. I hope  things will get  better, and they will, it just takes a lot of time to process what  happened.   

I also want to extend my full apologies and condolences to the school staff family as well. I hope they get over the ordeal, which they will, but it will take a very long time.   

My prayers will keep coming for all the people’s families.

I want to thank the Connecticut State Police for their help and service and also   all the other first responders. 

Once again, I'm so sorry for what went on at Sandy Hook School and I will send an extra prayer to each of the families because of the holidays.

Billy Prevatte, aspiring journalist, Middletown


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