Patch’s Poll: Who Has Had the Best Speech from the Republican National Convention So Far?

Some key politicians and influential speakers, from Paul Ryan to Ann Romney to Chris Christie, have spoken at the 2012 RNC in the lead-up to Mitt Romney’s speech tonight.

Presidential nominee Mitt Romney is scheduled to close the Republican National Convention on Thursday with the final speech of the three-day event.

The speech is being billed as the “defining moment” of the convention, as reported by CNBC, when Romney will have to convince the country that he has what it takes to defeat President Barack Obama in November.

But there are several other speeches that lead up to today since the convention’s start on Tuesday. Observers and media personalities spoke highly of vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, Ann Romney, the presidential candidate's wife, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, among other people.

The New York Times has conventiently listed some of the top speeches on its website.

So, we ask, who has had the best speech from the Republican National Convention so far? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

PaulRevere September 09, 2012 at 01:03 AM
John: Your hearing with your eyes, as they say. If you listened to Eastwood, every thing he said was true. Need a recap? Obama did not close Gitmo as promised. Obama has added over $4trillion to yours' and my debts due in the future. Obama has increased the war in Afghanastan, He is still there. Costing this nation billions more than BUSH ever spent in afghanastan. Obama's health TAX is pushed off as Health Care. IT IS NOT. Only doctors Hospitals can provide health care. Obamawants to trick all of you non-thinkers into a health act, when in fact he will take that tax and spend it on future bailouts. Fictitiously supporting growth. A wrong war is what Eastwood called it. A man who is on Over his head. A pres who is not a leader. No financial background. That's what Eastwood said. You just didn't hear that. Because you were not listening. But, you listen to obama and then pay no attention do him Doing nothing he says.
PaulRevere September 09, 2012 at 01:06 AM
John: One more thing, Obama promised to cut the debt that Bush left of $10Tril. Obama said he would reduce that debt to $5Trillion. Well it's $16Trillion now. Obama got this country a downgrade. Big taxes for his health tax are deferred to 2014. So you ain't seen the full cost of obama-health tax. Go ahead sit back and think this President deserves 4 more years. And he will leave with still nothing done. But who cares.
John Kilian September 09, 2012 at 03:22 AM
Obamacare is still largely an abstract act, meaning there are huge portions of it that are left for the Secretary of Health and Human Services to enact. It promises to save the government a ton of money down the road. We will have to see how that goes. But it is still a good faith effort to improve our healthcare system to benefit the citizenry. Everything the GOP puts out seems to be slanted in favor of the insurance companies.
PaulRevere September 09, 2012 at 09:20 AM
John : What is abstract about obamacare? It is approved by Congress--It is a TAX (per Supreme Court) How will the Govt save money? It does nothing to improve health care. Do you know what you are talking about.? It promises to save What? Promises onlt a TAX starting in 2014 . A tax on every individual and business in the USA.. Get your facts. How could this counry survive with uninformed voters like you.
John Kilian September 09, 2012 at 11:25 AM
The GAO says Obamacare will save the govt a lot of Medicaid and Medicare. Without these savings, our deficit explodes because of our aging population. Not doing anything would guarantee the demise of our healthcare system. Will the HHS succeed? They have a lot of todo's on their list that makes this legislation, like I said, very abstract. Details to follow. What does the act spell out that makes things better? Pre-existing conditions prohibited (at the expense of insurance companies) lifetime limits prohibited (at the expense of insurance companies) Family plans cover children till age 26,,,, All very popular. I don't like the way the govt makes it an employers business to provide employees health coverage. That makes it harder for them to hire. But it does make a lot of money for insurance companies. When you look at this act as a way of getting more for the public out of a very profitable insurance industry, I think you see what the fuss is really about. Take the anti-Obamacare propoganda with a grain of salt.


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