Letter: Time to End Democrats' 19-Year Reign in Middletown

change due to party loyalty; in a sense, this new Candidate: This form of government has become a hybrid of democracy and lunacy due to misconceptions of how a local municipality works.

To the Editor:

As host/co-host of three live public access television programs, I find it amazing that year after year, voters complain about high taxes but vote for the same folks on a regular basis due to party loyalty.

British author George Orwell, political novelist of such classics as "Animal Farm" and "1984," warned others of such abuse of power when he said: “Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.”

Although Orwell’s comments are most likely aimed to those that live in countries that live under a dictatorship like Cuba or the former Iraq, the quote is also valid to local American governments that refuse to change due to party loyalty; in a sense, this new form of government has become a hybrid of democracy and lunacy due to people’s misunderstanding of how a local government/municipality works.

The Middletown Democrats have been in power on the common council since 1993, a 19-year tenure in which they were/are allowed to become lazy and complacent due to party loyalty and voter’s habits. During their tenure, taxes have been increased on a constant level and spending has been at an all time high.

When blamed for their indiscretions or attitude toward spending, the answer is a variation on "blame the mayor," or as one wife of a Democrat councilman said on television: “He’s the CEO of the town so he should be able to reduce the budget.”

The quote is indicative of Orwell’s "Animal Farm" with the pigs gaining power and constantly changing the rules and messages in order to maintain what they have. Don’t educate the voters, use them and abuse them. It is the Democratic controlled Common Council and not Mayor Giuliano who has the final word on a budget as per the charter of Middletown.

One needs to understand that Mayor Giuliano, or any mayor for that matter, Democrat or Republican, can only vote in order to break a tie. In Middletown, the Dems hold eight Council seats while the Republicans hold four seats; whose budget is it?

It is the Democratic controlled Board of Education that controls approximately 70 percent of Middletown’s money and does not hesitate to ask for more. As a pubic school teacher since 1998, I fully support the Board of Education and its support of the schools, but it is also very important to point out that BOE will ask for money and not give the town an explanation as to what it will be used for.

It was the Democratic controlled Common Council that refused to take a $1 million in union concessions. These are the same Democrats that allocate monies into their budget before it is even approved. (for example, Remington Rand or Cucia Park). Imagine giving all that money back during today’s economy; the local Democrats feel that the taxpayer should feel the burn and ignore the union’s generous package.

I urge everybody in town from all parities to ask themselves one basic question before they vote in November: Am I really happy with a party that has been in power since 1993? 

Jon Pulino is a Republican candidate for Middletown city treasurer


Ed McKeon September 25, 2011 at 02:48 PM
Jon: It's not the designation "Democrat" that makes an elected official bad or good. It's the idea that anyone needs to vote along party lines, for the sake of voting along party lines, Republican or Democrat. I'm a Democrat, and you might be surprised how I would vote on issues if elected. Let's concentrate on issues, not on petty partisanship.
Jonathan Pulino September 25, 2011 at 03:45 PM
Ed: I agree with most of your statement, as you know I am friends with a lot elected officials in town. In the case of yourself, I would not be surprised (maybe I would be- LOL) at how you vote on issues, but I find it amazing that folks play the blame game over and over again and point towards the Mayor and ignore the actions of the Common Council. The issue then becomes one of educating the public about how local boards operate with regard to rules and regulations. Lately, people seem to be confused at the term Super Majority and what it means, and the veto proof power the current Middletown Common Council has. Translations: Lack of power for the Mayor. It would be nice, to have a person, other than David B. say: You know what, that's a good idea and I will vote for it because it's (Insert name)'s idea and run with it. This did not happen with the case of the police chief during the common council sessions, for a wide variety reasons. Hopefully they will not repeat their mistakes. Thanks for listening- JP
Erik Hannity September 26, 2011 at 04:08 PM
ED: you are right, but why then won't village district folks & wesleyan affiliates and other liberals support local republicans openly? signs & contributions? the mayor fought to get money to artfarm,oddfellows and the arts yet gets no open support- dare their names appear on a contribution list- local republicans are different than national republicans- why the shame to stray from the party on part of the dems? same for some republicans? why won't people vote for the best candidates?
Jonathan Pulino September 26, 2011 at 10:22 PM
Thanks for the Comment Erik. I feel the same way about local politics, there is such a fear about voting for the GOP side. The country is about change and local change is what voters can control if they follow the issues and get involved. The Mayor raised approximately $25,000 for Oddfellows Playhouse this March, an event that I attended. Oddly enough, many folks refused to attend because the event was held in Portland at St. Clement's Castle. Why should it matter? It was a good cause and the Mayor made it happen along with a bunch of fine civic minded Middletown people.
Darrell Lucas September 27, 2011 at 12:28 AM
Erik: I was very impressed with what the Mayor had to say at the Kids Arts Show. He is a strong believer in the arts and its development of children. Why wont people vote fore the best candidates? What makes the best candidate? Is the best candidate the one that has the most education and experience? Or is the best candidate the one that holds most if not all the same values and policy beliefs that you do? When an important decision comes up. I want the person voting/leading on my behalf to hold the same values as I do. Look at these two websites and read a short list that simply states the position of each side. Democrats- http://ontheissues.org/Dem_Platform_2004.htm Republicans- http://ontheissues.org/2004_GOP_Platform.htm Now if you did a mental note of what side you agree with more you know what party your lean towards supporting.
Darrell Lucas September 27, 2011 at 12:30 AM
(continued) Connecticut Republicans aren't as hardcore as a national ones. Some Democrats will and have switched to being a Republican and vice-visa. The problem is that once they're in the seat, chances are they only vote along with the party they are associated with. Their free will has been compromised. So even though a voter may like a candidate of the opposite party we cant trust that candidate will exercise their own Judgement. This isn't true with ALL elected members. This is how Mayor Giuliano became elected in the first place. Middletown Press 2003 - "I’m just tired of the way things are done. I’m tired every year the Board of Education budget being cut," Brenchak said. "Domenique has her own agenda to push through. Whatever Domenique wants, Domenique gets. It’s got to stop. We need somebody who will work for everyone. We’re fed up." Now replace the name Domenique with Giuliano and today we have a familiar tone dont we? Eight years ago a few Democrats rebelled and ushered in Giuliano. I see this as the reason the Middletown Democratic party is so strict on its members today.


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