Let Your Curly Locks Shine: Local Salon Offers Free Workshop

For three decades I dealt with my curly hair - mostly unsuccessfully - until the day I met a DevaCurl Stylist. Don't wait that long for yourself or any little curly-heads in your family.


It's true - I have been a curly mess for most of my life. And yet, I've also been surprisingly devoted to my curly hair. Despite receiving pressure from some well-intentioned family and friends to go with the flow and straighten my hair, I've always resisted the trend and stayed true to my wild curls.

This hasn't always been a successful relationship, but I now know that it was my fault and not my follicles. 

Several years ago, at the not so tender age of 30, I got an enthusiastic recommendation from a fellow curly-girl (and only fellow curly-heads can truly understand each other, right?) to try out a salon devoted to...gasp...curly hair.

Before this recommendation, I had heard of such salons, but only in places like New York City, and for exhorbitant prices. This one, Jo Bruno Hair, was in my neighborhood at the time, New Haven, and completely reasonable. It was the first time I had ever walked into a salon and felt a sense of belonging.

The stylists there had been trained in New York City in a style of hair cutting and styling that was just for wavy and curly hair called DevaCurl. The method was entirely different from what is traditionally recommended - a dry haircut so that the natural curl is respected, no sudsing shampoos, applying hair product to soaking wet hair, and keeping combs and brushes away from hair once out of the shower are a few of the main practices of this style of hair care.

It was love at first cut. I walked out of the salon that day feeling like the birds were singing A Whole New World from the movie Aladdin. My curls were glossy and thick, and my coiffure was controlled but still had healthy movement and body. On my way out of the parking garage, the attendant stopped me to ask where I had gotten my hair done. That had never happened before.

Now it's several years later, and I still swear by my DevaCurl products and trained stylists. I no longer live in New Haven, and have my own little brood of curly-kids at home, so I was thrilled when I discovered The Hair Affair, a full-service salon located on the second floor of The Main Street Market in Middletown. My curls and I are getting the same loving care that I discovered in New Haven, but now I only have to drive ten minutes to enjoy it.

Debby Mastrianni, the owner of The Hair Affair, and a trained Deva Curl Stylist, is holding a free workshop this Thursday, Nov. 1, from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Mastrianni and fellow Deva trained stylists, Lisa White and Sarah Vontell, will teach attendees how to care for their hair, provide product knowledge, and actually take participants through the Deva 3-Step process of cleansing, conditioning and styling - all at no cost.

To ensure yourself a spot, call the salon at (860) 347-8771. Light beverages will be served, products will be on sale for 20% off, and a variety of beauty and jewelry vendors will be on hand. Free makeup consultations will also be available with Norberto Rivas, stylist and make-up artist.

Please note that I am not receiving any services, promotions, or compensation from Debby Mastrianni, The Hair Affair, or Patch for writing this column. I simply am a fan of the DevaCurl method, and know the importance of being happy with one's appearance. I hope that a parent, friend, or kid will read this piece, recognize themselves or another curly-head that could use some pampering, and arrange to attend this workshop.

As Debby told me when we were discussing the workshop, "I hope that it ends up being a sharing experience."

I hope so, too.


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