George needs you!!

PLEASE give me a chance!! You will not be disappointed..
PLEASE give me a chance!! You will not be disappointed..

My Name is George!

Do You Have Home For Me?

I am a beautiful Maine Coon, 14 years old. What you will like best about me is that I am extremely affectionate! I love when you hold me, pet me, play (laser light toy is my favorite!), brush me, and talk to me. I am a great companion and will stay by your side.  I know I'm older, but I need a home too... Please give me a chance!! 

Since I am an older kitty, I do require some medicine with my food and a litter-box that is easy to find and get to. It will be helpful if you have experience with caring for older cats and my ideal home is one where I am the only cat. 

If you work from home or are retired, you are the perfect companion for me!

CATALES is seeking a permanent foster parent for me and will tell you the best way to take care of me. I will bring a wonderful feeling to your heart if you take me home.  

Please call CATALES at (860) 344-9043 or

email: info@catales.org to inquire about George!

CATALES, Inc. January 23, 2014 at 11:46 PM
Please consider taking George home... he truly deserves you!!


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