Exploring The Shadow Room

In which our intrepid columnist ventures to the very edge of Main Street nightlife -- yet still manages to be in bed by 9pm

My next stop was The Shadow Room. It reminded me, in some ways, of the Anchor Bar in New Haven with a classic lounge feeling … funkified.

The bar has a glass top with fish swimming in a tank beneath. For the holidays, however, owner Nick Cacaci took the fishies home and replaced them with a fluffy winter scene. 

Nick grew up in Meriden and spent a few years in New York City after college. He came back to the area, determined to open a business.

About five years ago, he opened Mega Wraps in Metro Square.  Gradually, he observed that Middletown's downtown nightlife was getting more eclectic and developing "a scene."

His perception was that Middletown's bars were, by and large, "pub-like."  So Nick converted his sandwich shop into The Shadow Room to provide an upscale, or in his words, a more "high end" lounge. His place offers a diverse wine and vodka selection and D.J. music, comedy night, and a monthly film and art forum. 

Advertising online has drawn a young clientele, in their mid-twenties.  Current advertising is being aimed at an older crowd -- the young professionals working downtown.

Now, as soon as the funky nightlife is offered between 5 and 8:30pm, I'll be the wild one on the scene!


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