Reader: Why Has DeLauro Yet to Debate Winsley?

Bill Boylan of Middletown muses whether arrogance or fear is preventing Connecticut's longtime Democratic U.S. Rep. from facing off against her Republican challenger.

To the Editor:

Last week I phoned Congressman Delauro's office in New Haven to see if a debate had been scheduled between her the Republican contender, Wayne Winsley. The gentleman who took my call said that, "there will be at least one debate, but there are usually two or three."

I found that statement a bit odd, because as far as I know, in the 28 years DeLauro has held office, she has never debated anyone.

To date, there is no debate scheduled between her and Winsley. Even the League of Women Voters can't seem to get her to commit. It seems DeLauro is ducking Winsley, and I have to wonder why.

There are a couple of possible reasons that come to mind. Perhaps she is so brazenly arrogant that she thinks re-election is in the bag and there's no need for her to bother with someone as "insignificant" as Wayne Winsley.

Or, perhaps she is afraid; afraid of being overshadowed and thoroughly trounced by a young, dynamic and powerful speaker who happens to be African-American and former president of the Danbury NAACP, who could very likely take a deep cut from her past supporters.

Personally, after working the sidelines with Wayne on his campaign and getting to know him, the man, I think it is the latter, rather than the former. Either way, it shows contempt and disregard for her constituents, all of whom deserve to see both candidates side by side so they can make a truly informed decision, come election day.

Be afraid, Rosa; be very afraid!

Bill Boylan, Middletown

marc s ruby October 11, 2012 at 02:15 PM
I have no idea why Rosa Delauro will not debate her Republican opponent Wayne Winsley. Debating is part of the Election process where the citizens have a chance to evaluate the canididates. its a fair and reasonable process but Rosa refuses to be part of the process. Then the question becomes , 'Why' , is she afraid to have her history and voting record exposed , could it be because she rubber stamps 'Obama's' Legislative agenda without fail every time?? So Rosa I say to you,please stop dodging your opponent on this debate issue. Your suppose to represent the people , so represent yourself and positions in a open debate platform , please...
Palin Smith October 13, 2012 at 06:10 AM
Why is Rosa DeLauro afraid of open and fair debates? She prefers "separate but equal" forums. Why is she not debating her Republican opponent face to face? Is it because he is a black man? Makes people wonder about her prejudices against Republicans.
John Q. Public October 13, 2012 at 10:35 AM
Your claim that DeLauro is a racist is disgusting and an obvious lie. As the original poster has made clear, DeLauro is doing EXACTLY what she has done in her prior campaigns. Winsley's race is obviously irrelevant to her decision. Everyone knows that incumbents in safe seats avoid debates. Calling them out on the decision is fine, calling them racist is disgusting. Because you appear to involved in running Winsley's social media campaign I assume that Winsley is aware of and approves your outrageous slur. He obviously monitors these sites and he should explicitly condem your lies, but I doubt he has the courage or integrity to do so.
Palin Smith October 17, 2012 at 06:00 AM
DeLauro is not a racist. She is worse! She's a Job Killer! She's just afraid of standing side by side and debating her superior. My previous statement, "Makes people wonder about her prejudices against Republicans", is my opinion. If you look at my you tube channel more closely, you will see that I go where Tea Party news is avoided by the so-called main stream media. It's coverage of the 3rd district congressional race displays lazy reporting and a general bias for the incumbent. We would presume no less!


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