Reader: Re-Elect Rep. Carpino. She Won't Raise Taxes

A Middletown teen says he's behind the legislator because of her compassion for people.

To the Editor:

State Rep. Christie Carpino represents Cromwell, Middletown and Portland. I  am supporting her re-election because she won't raise taxes on people.

Also, I know she can handle the task she has been given. I know  she will be  re-elected because of the compassion she has for people. I ask you, state of Connecticut, residents, do you really want her to be our next state Rep.?

I know that I do. I am very passionate about who runs for the state of Connecticut.

I give Mrs. Carpino all my support for her campaign. My name is Billy Prevatte   and I approve this message because I want Christie Carpino to continue as state representative in the 32nd Assembly District.

She has 100 percent of my support during her campaign.

Junior Police Officer
Middletown Police Department
Billy Prevatte, Middletown High Student

darlene October 18, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Gret article billy.nice job.you are always looking out for people.keep up the great work..dd.


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