Iyengar Yoga Workshop: Poise and Equipoise through Asana

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with Peentz Dubble, Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor
Sunday, December 2

AM session: 10am-1pm    
PM session: 2-4pm
LEVELS I, II, III    Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits
Both sessions:$80+CT tax= $86 
AM session:$60 +CTtax = $64
PM session:$40 +CT tax = $43
Join well-known Iyengar Yoga Instructor Peentz Dubble in a day of practice that explores the theme of poise within asana practice.
     The morning practice will explore a methodical sequence which will gradually lead you to uncover the mysteries of krounchasana or "heron pose".  Many yoga poses were inspired by movements of animals and qualities of nature. Krounchasana is named for and dedicated to the heron who gracefully extends its long neck with poise, grandeur and quietness. Practicing this pose engenders the qualities of steadiness, elegance and graceful extension inspired by this beautiful bird . In krounchasana you will open your groins and lengthen your hamstrings as you integrate and synchronize abdominal strength with the ability to lengthen the spine. You will experience the involution of mind that is cultivated when balancing with calm alertness.
     The afternoon practice will focus on deepening the concentration, inner quietness, and emotional stability that comes from a practice of inversions.  Employing the flexibility of the legs and steadiness of mind that has come from the morning practice, we will learn various ways to practice headstand, shoulderstand and variations in both.  We will also explore ways to set up supported versions of viparita dandasana, setubandha, and viparita karani, observing the qualities of consciousness they engender.


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