Middletown Patch's Top Stories of 2012

Cops, sports, weather, tragedy, Obama crying and the end-of-world prediction that fizzled most enthralled our readers over the past year.

When it comes to determining the most popular Middletown Patch stories of the year, overwhelmingly police news (and the particular subset of "stupid human tricks") coming out of our fair city is a sure bet. 

Arrest reports are interesting on many levels but none more than those that speak to the universal theme of human frailty. Several of these top stories of 2012 fall under that category. Equally as popular are stories about the tragedy of loss of life.

Just over half of our top 10 fall into this category, while three of the other four can be categorized as perennially popular weather, end-of-world, and anything-President-Obama-does-that's-human stories.

Why College Student-Athletes Should Not Be Paid was actually written April 2, 2011, and made the top ten last year, too.

At Middletown Patch, we strive for a mix of stories every day. From people doing interesting, heroic or talented projects, pop culture, crime, news, schools, city government, features, sports, businesses and opinion, we try to take the pulse of our fair city every few hours.

We can write to our heart's content but if it's not read, our posts are just some of the billions lost on the web.

That's where you come in, our loyal readers. You receive our newsletters, check in daily or weekly, suggest stories, set us straight on the facts, comment and submit community events or photographs, and spread the word of our good work here at Middletown Patch.

We can't do it without you. So come back any time and tell a friend — or two. Our door is always open.

Listed below are the most popular stories in Middletown Patch in 2012 in descending order. 

Check them out and tell us what you'd like to hear more of — or less — in 2012.

  • PD: Clerk Arrested For Knocking Cap Off Child Who Repeatedly Called Him 'Fat'
  • PD: Man Who Left Note on Car He Hit in Parking Lot Arrested
  • Grisly Find at Scenic Middletown Falls: Homicide Victim
  • Good Idea/Bad Idea? Presidential Tears
  • Why College Student-Athletes Should Not Be Paid
  • Hurricane Sandy: City Ready for Up to 36 Hours of Heavy Wind [Includes Cancellations]


  • Most Popular Stories of Year Eclectic Mix

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