How to Make Mystery Eyeball Deviled Eggs

Liven up your Halloween party with these current event inspired deviled eggs.


You just never know when inspiration will strike.

For me, inspiration struck in the form of a mysterious eyeball that washed up on a beach in Florida. When the story first broke, all they knew was that they had a grapefruit-sized eyeball that was "probably marine in nature" (after which I immediately mentally ran through a list of all non-Marine possibilities and didn't come up with any satisfactory answers). The article also included a delightfully closeup picture of said eyeball (watch the video if you have yet to see the mystery eyeball).

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Now, admittedly this eyeball is fairly grotesque and not the sort of thing that would typically lead one to create a dish modeled after it, but I am not typical and we are just two weeks away from Halloween.

If you have the stomach for it and don't mind eating something that looks as if it washed up on a beach, then here is how you make Mystery Eyeball Deviled Eggs:

1. Click here and follow my deviled eggs recipe. The only change is that you need to add the desired amount of blue food coloring to the yolk mixture before you pipe it into the eggs. Don't worry about the pickle relish. If you add enough food coloring, it'll be fine.

2. Add a sliced black olive to the top of each egg. By happy accident, I purchased a can of olives with jalapeno, so some of my pupils had the added benefit of looking bloody and tasting great!

Do you have a favorite Halloween recipe? Post it here or add a comment below. If you have photos of the recipe, click on the "Upload photos and videos button."

Barbi B. October 17, 2012 at 11:25 PM
O-o-o-o!!! Very spooky...I LIKE!!! Also, when I make ('Angeled-Eggs')...I like to add a little horseradish sauce, a dash of mustard, and a small amount of finely-diced black and green olives into the mix. If I added a little blue food coloring, could I call them 'Blue Angel-Eyes' ???


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