Treat Summer Guests Like Royalty

The carefree vibe of July and August weddings, picnics, parties and cookouts may find you encouraging visitors to stay the night or weekend — but is your living space ready to receive them?


Between all the expected visits from friends, relatives and guests to my son’s wedding, my summer calendar was filling up and I had to take a closer look at my guest room. There was definitely room for improvement! My advice is to evaluate the situation before someone knocks on your door. Try to think of the amenities that a hotel would offer and consider these things if you are hosting guests.

Hang it up!

Provide a place to put the luggage whether it is a luggage rack or a trunk. Leave a few empty dresser drawers and some closet space to hang clothes or a hook on the back of the door, for an easy way to say “welcome.”

Bedding and towels

Check sheets and towels ahead of time and replace if needed. Store the items in or near the guest room for easy access. Make sure you have extra pillows, facecloths and towels.

Have a designated place for wet towels to hang. This can be a rack that fits over the door or a free-standing towel rack in the corner of the room if bathroom space is limited.


Stock up on travel-size toiletries and place in a basket for things that may have been forgotten. Some things to include: favorite shampoos, disposable razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, cotton swabs, and a first aid kit. Add a special soap or powder for a more luxurious feel.

Snack tray

Fill a bedside tray with small bags of nuts, dried fruit, special crackers, or other packaged treats for guests to nibble on. Tuck in an alarm clock, a small radio and a TV remote if there is a television in the room.

Finish the room off with a vase of flowers, a beautiful candle and a carafe and water glasses

Local sights

A stack of brochures, maps and guidebooks that highlight the area attractions are appreciated if guests would like to explore on their own.

Put out the welcome mat and enjoy. Sharing your home with others is a wonderful gift! And don’t forget the guestbook so you can relive those special moments.

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