Businesses Boost Performance With Businetiks Dossier

Imagine if you received a situation briefing whenever Facebook changed their functionality. What could you do with a weekly dossier on important business practices that explained how you could take advantage of them? How useful would it be to have e-mail to a professional business coach whenever you had a question? What if you could receive all of that for a year at a cost of less than $5 a day?

To boost your performance, either as a business owner or to grow in your career, The Modern Observer Group has launched the Businetiks Dossier program for 2014.  Geared towards providing individuals and small businesses access to the same information that Fortune 500 companies enjoy, in a format that they can use and afford.


The Dossier Program includes:

  • Weekly Briefings: Each week you’ll receive an audio, video or text file detailing a key component in how to build your success. Topics ranging from time management and productivity boosters to using social media and creating processes will be covered. These briefings are yours to download and view at your convenience over and over as needed.
  • The Businetiks Way: A copy of the book “The Businetiks Way: The Seven Elements of Success” will be sent to you. This book examines how you can use the seven elements of the Businetiks system in your work. These elements are Mindset, Focus, Operations, Communications, Innovation, Evaluation, and Improvement.
  • Situation Briefings: Your work doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You will receive periodic situation briefings that details changes in technology, the economy, or other business aspects that will affect you. Each briefing will detail what has changed and how you can use these changes to your advantage. When Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, make changes, you’ll get a briefing. When new laws are passed that affect business, you’ll get a briefing.
  • Your dossier also includes virtual contact to a Businetiks coach. Each week there will be no less than four hours where you will able to talk live with a close via Google hangouts or by phone. Additionally, you can e-mail your coach at any time.

The Businetiks Dossier is based on The Modern Observer Group’s proprietary Businetiks system combining training in Mindset, Focus, Operations, Communications, Innovation, Evaluation, and Continuous Improvement. The package costs $1,499 for the year.  For more information, contact Eric Lopkin at 860.343.1579 or go to http://www.modernobserver.com.


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