Protesters Picket Main Street Bank of America

Wesleyan students and local activists led a march from campus to the bank to perform a "people's foreclosure," close their accounts and cancel credit cards Friday.


A coalition of students and local activists affiliated with the Occupy movement marched on the Main Street branch of Saturday, some closing their accounts and cancelling credit cards, in protest of what they call the bank’s environmentally and economically destructive policies.

This is part of a larger “Move Your Money” campaign on Wesleyan’s campus, encouraging students to withdraw their funds from big corporate banks and invest them with local community credit unions.

Students started their march from the steps of the university library, descending on the bank from campus while chanting and holding signs criticizing the bank for allegedly foreclosing on thousands of homes, funding the coal industry and conducting predatory lending practices.

Activists taped the entry to the bank with yellow caution tape and posted foreclosure notices on the doors and windows. Those attempting to close their accounts were initially refused entry and told by bank representatives to leave the property.

A statement was read condemning the bank’s funding of mountaintop removal and “careless gambling of the health of the global economy” before students marched back to campus where representatives from local credit unions were present to help students open new accounts.

Wesleying, the student-run campus blog, offers photos here.

wyatt April 30, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Ah, to be young and naïve enough again to think that protesting at a branch bank in Middletown, CT matters a wit ! But wasn't that fun boys and girls? You managed to scare the hell out of a couple of nice tellers whose Mommys and Daddys didn't have the zillions of dollars to send their kids to Wesleyan to learn how to be arrogant, liberal snobs !
T. Smith April 30, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Hey Wyatt: Don't you think that's kinda harsh? Remember local banking is the foundation of all fiance - lose the low risk, stable dollars on the local level and the whole house of cards comes down. Better these young people develop a moral compass now than become the financial thieves of Wall Street. Look at the response by the bank: REFUSED ENTRY to close accounts. Did someone forget whose money is really on deposit?
wyatt April 30, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Correction: They refused entry AT FIRST, untill the bank manager was able to assess what was going on and that his bank was not at risk of being damaged by the protestors.


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