Laurie Klein visits the WMS Photo Club

Laurie Klein visits WMS Photo Club to inspire our budding photographers.

Laurie Klein of Laurie Klein Photography in Brookfield came to meet the WMS Photo Club last week.  During her visit she talked about her journey and why she chose a career in photography. 

She also inspired our March assignment which is "Find your spark and share it through photography." Each child was asked to think about a passion in their lives — perhaps it's sports or writing or cooking — then think about ways to photograph that passion and share it with the club. I am very excitied about this assignment.  I think this is the best one yet!

Laurie's  life long commitment to the art of photography began 41 years ago in high school. "I didn't really discover my passion, my passion discovered me," she said.

Turning from just taking pretty pictures, Laurie sought to perfect her craft by attending the photography program at R.I.T. and then getting her M.F.A. from Ohio University.

Later, Ansel Adams became one of her heroes and mentors. He taught her that discovering her own artistic voice was the gateway to becoming a fine artist.

"Her style is unique, combining a wonderful ability for composition and a sensitivity to her subjects that will carry her to the top of her field. I can't teach the way she sees and feels!" Adams said.

Today, she is recognized mostly for her signature infrared photography. Her work is held in private collections and museums. She is sought after for her exclusive commissions and extraordinary creativity workshops.

Please visit Laurie's website at www.laurieklein.com and take a look at her work and the possibilities that she offers us all.

And come back to Brookfield Patch in late March to see some spark-filled photos!


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