Tips for Getting Your Car's Interior Up to Speed

We all spend a lot of time in them, so getting them organized makes eminently good sense

Many people spend more time in their cars than any room in their house. The more time we spend in our cars, the more our cars become disorganized.

Whether you’re driving around a monster SUV with lots of kids and clutter, or a small car fit for you and a friend, there are many benefits to keeping your vehicle organized and tidy. By breaking it down into sections, you’ll have a safe and orderly ride in no time.


By keeping the spaces in the front of your car clutter-free you’ll be able to access important items quickly.

  • Glove compartment: car manual, current registration, current insurance, auto club info, notepad & pen.
  • Center console: tissues and/or wet wipes, lint roller, change for meters or tolls, cell phone and GPS chargers. Ladies, it’s not a bad idea to keep a small container for feminine products, lip gloss, and hair accessories.
  • If you spend the better part of the day in your car for business, consider an organizer for your passenger seat that lets you keep your phone, laptop, folders, paperwork and office supplies all in one portable container.
  • Side compartments: Don’t keep these too full; your best bet is to only store one item in them, like a compact umbrella.


This is probably the second most used area of your vehicle, whether it’s "stuff," multiple passengers or a mixture of both. So keeping it neat is just as important as any other area.

  • Back seat organizers are great tools to help organize the middle of your car. They hang from the front seat so back seat passengers have access to common items, or even the driver’s items to help eliminate things on the floor. Also consider hanging a bag for all trash. When it gets full, take it out of the car and replace with a new bag. If most of your trash collects in the front area, keep one up there instead.
  • Vacuum and wash your entire car once a month, or consider having the entire car detailed. This will help you maintain the cleanliness inside and out. Many area car washes and auto body shops offer a car detailing service, such as Classic Auto Wash (Cromwell), Joseph’s Auto Body (Cromwell), and A Marvelous Car Wash (Middletown).


The back of your vehicle should be storage for those seldom used items.

  • Emergency kit: jumper cables, flares, oil, antifreeze, first aid kit, blanket, extra fuses, flashlight and batteries, tools, tools to repair a flat, tire gauge, ice scraper, water, energy bar, marker & paper, (sometimes a pen doesn’t work in the cold), pocket knife, paper towels or napkins, dog collar and leash, and a bottle of water for as many passengers as your vehicle holds. Be sure to replace items immediately if you’ve taken them out or used them.
  • Typically this is where your spare tire is kept, too. Frequently check that it’s inflated and you have the necessary tools.
  • Consider using a storage container in your trunk to maintain your sports equipment, groceries and emergency items.
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